The event we had all spent years waiting for was finally on. The #G20 security ring of steel had been erected.

South Brisbane was in serious LOCK DOWN… the media said the barricades were intimidating, South Bank a fortress.

All year the media talked about a black bloc party in Brisbane so Megsie Lemon Grass and I went in search of it and to check the security arrangements.

Things started off well.... this dumpster looked like it was ready for the black bloc party...Things started off well…. this dumpster looked like it was ready for the black bloc party…

BLACKBLOCTOOLSYep we could have some fun with all this rumble…

We walked down towards the Convention Centre and found this sticker which seemed to be advertising the (black) bloc party.OMGG20WTFAfter this we saw 100s of the one time… the thin blue line looked rather plump as I asked them if they knew about the (black) bloc party but they just wanted to go and sit in the shade.


Still that many police are a sure sign that a (black) bloc party is going to happen.

FALL DOWNMegsie tried to climb the barricades but fell down…

THROUGH THE BARRICADEI got to the other side but it was really boring… The ring of steal was no match for Megsie though as she kicked down a barricade to let me through


KICK SIGNThis sign could be kicked over as part of the (black) bloc party… but there’s no one around to see it fall so does it really fall at all?

POSE WITH SECURITYThese drivers/security asked us to let them know if we found the party…

BEERBEERBEERThese would certainly start the party…

MOVEBINAll the police we asked about the (black) bloc party thought it sounded fun and wanted to come along…. it would be til they turned up so I tipped over this dumpster to make our own barricade..

PUNCH SECURITYThis security guard was not in the mood for a party so Megsie dealt with him true ninja style…..

LOOSE PROJECTILEAll the police I ask about the (black) bloc party think it sounds good luckily Megsie found a loose projectile to throw at them when they came to ruin our fun.

1511190_10152851116069596_91834903137370908_nSomeone’s planned ahead … this will be great for powering the sound system…

G20 police policing‘We’re looking for the G20 (black) bloc party, do you know about it? ‘ ‘Huh… no… black bloc… party .. no… er… der…. geetwenny … why don’t we have Segways?’

Abomination Maybe Lowkey is coming to the party…

movesignWho left this here? We heard Obama was coming so we blocked the street with it…

binbombBetter get this shield ready for the party…

molotovFinally we found someone else preparing for the (black) bloc party… Megsie gets ready to make (molotov) cocktails…

DSC_0135Quiet before the storm…

DSC_0023Fight for your right to party…. I mean party for your right to fight…

JLL 021The po po are wearing fluros to get in the party mood….

colours of genecideWe displayed the true colors of Brisbane

march 187This happy party goer missed the memo about prohibited items but somehow managed to avoid detection…

Kicking off

We gave an anarchist a cigarette and a Molotov cocktail and really got the party started

Burn baby burnWe warned the police to be careful where they parked their cars in this heat

Police car ruined

Tony angryTony is pretty angry about the mess we made and randomly mentioned something about the budget and $7 co payments

angela merkel partyAngela Merkel thanked us for rioting because it made her feel right at home…

putin offerPutin offered to arm us… can someone explain what these are? And if we need them?

Dragunov SVD, BM-27 Uragan, VPK-3927 Volk, S-400 missile system, A-100 AWACS, 6B43 Body Armor, MP-443 Grach, KSVK, ABCE, V0dKa 100P, OSV-96, VIT-B12, RPK-74, VLaD2000, GM-94

OBAMA SADAnd Obama was just really sad about how much C02 we would have released into the atmosphere because it’s going to put a huge dint in his target to reduce greenhouse emissions.

OBAMA GREEN HORNETWe reminded him about his zero emissions fighter jet and he calmed down realising how much it was going to help save the planet…

You may not hear about this on the news but it really happened. Brisbane isn’t that boring after all…

Operation Lizard Jam by Monster Zoku Onsomb! on Mixcloud

This is another thing that rocked Brisvegas this #G20 weekend…

1 misogynist forced to flee country… many still to go


Great news overnight that a man who attempted a tour of Australia giving lectures on picking up women which include physical assault, has not only been forced to cancel his show in Melbourne but has also left the country.

Well done to everyone who joined the outrage and caused this to happen…. there’s many more still in the country so let’s keep up the fight.

One man who’s a good target is Corey Bernadi who is giving a speech tonight at a Cherish Life fundraiser.

If you didn’t work it out from the title Cherish Life is a pro-life organisation and if you don’t know Corey Bermandi is an ultra conservative Liberal senator.

And Corey Bernadi and Julien Blanc both seem to think violence against women is acceptable.Speaking at a domestic violence inquiry Bernadi made comments to the effect that sometimes it’s ok for a man to put a woman in a headlock.

There’s a protest tonight outside the Indooropilly Golf Club where he is speaking.6pm Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia 4121

A woman fights back … in this case the ‘violence’ is resistance so I think it’s justified. Buzzfeed reports she was responding to an incident where she was pushed herself.

Here’s an article from The Age about Julien Blanc and his forced departure from Australia.

UPDATE: Victoria’s police chief has thrown his support behind the growing community campaign against a self-described pick-up artist, who fled Australia after protesters targeted his controversial seminars.

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said he’s taken a look at the work of US-based Julien Blanc and his group Real Social Dynamics – and he’s not impressed.

“To me, most of it appears to be deeply disturbing and offensive,” Mr Lay said in a statement on Friday.

“Labelling women as objects and actively promoting the abuse of women degrades the dignity of our whole community,” he said.

“I’m proud that Victoria has taken this stance against violence. It gives me confidence that we are moving in the right direction.”

Mr Lay’s comments come after one of Mr Blanc’s seminars was scuppered by scores of angry protesters on the Yarra River.

A few dozen young men who paid to attend the event – the content of which has been heavily criticised for promoting abusive tactics to lure women – needed to be escorted off a river cruise boat on Thursday night.

Police were called to Southbank as protesters surrounded the boat, which had been booked for the talk after several hotel venues cancelled bookings in response to a growing petition and community outrage.

The vocal protesters had rushed to the Yarra River site after earlier gathering in St Kilda. Some carried placards that read “destroy rape culture” while others shouted “walk of shame” as the group of men disembarked with help from several uniformed police officers.

Mobile phone video later emerged of one of the protesters being held back before she punches the man hosting the seminar in the chest and slaps him across the face.

But Victoria Police spokesman Sergeant Kris Hamilton said police are not investigating the incident.

“The male in the video has advised police that he does not want to report the alleged assault,” he said.

One of the men who did attend the event had earlier defended Mr Blanc’s teachings.

“No doesn’t always mean no, if said playfully,” the 22-year-old Elwood man, who did not give his name, told the Weekly Review shortly before the seminar.

“If someone’s, like, ‘no’ in a more serious way, then obviously that’s more serious,” he said. “But, again, that sort of more play-fighting-kind-of-way, as in ‘no, no, don’t do that’, that’s different.”

One of the protesters, meanwhile, vowed to continue the campaign against the group and its supporters.

“We left knowing we had won. Not just that, we left knowing that this was the beginning of the end for them,” the protester wrote online after the Thursday night demonstration.

“We are growing infinitely and we plan on there being no next time.”

In a statement, Melbourne River Cruises said it did not want to be associated with Mr Blanc or his seminars and it cancelled the booking as soon as it realised who was behind it.

“The boat did not cruise and we waited for the police to take all the people off the boat as they refused to get off the boat,” the boat company said on its Facebook page.

“We were completely misinformed about the booking, saying it was a social function.”

Mr Blanc began his Australian tour in Sydney last week in a bid to teach local men about picking up women. But he has been met with a barrage of criticism, fuelled by social media anger over some of his methods, which include grabbing a woman’s head and pulling it towards his crotch.

Washington-based activist Jennifer Li began the boycott petition and the #takedownjulienblanc social media campaign after watching one of the group’s videos – in which a woman is choked as an opening pick-up move being taught by the group.

Ms Li said such demeaning, misogynist and abusive behaviour has to have serious consequences.

“I said I was going to take him down, but I didn’t know if this was actually going to take off. I just knew I had to try,” she told SBS’s The Feed.

Mr Blanc was not spotted at Thursday night’s event, which was instead hosted by one of his colleagues.

Police on Friday confirmed Mr Blanc left the country late on Thursday night, while his assistant would leave later on Friday.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said Mr Blanc had departed Australia and his visa had been cancelled.

Calls, emails and tweets to Mr Blanc, Real Social Dynamics and its management team were not returned.

One of the group’s other speakers, Todd Valentine, later hosted a live Google hangout out in Seattle and welcomed comments from social media, but did not address the protests in Australia.

Instead, he spent an hour providing dating advice, stressing how there are no “magic words” that can manipulate a woman into sleeping with someone.

“That attitude is so, so, so far fetched,” he said. “The idea that it does exist is actually extremely demeaning to women.”



This program is dedicated to the memory and work of Michael C Ruppert, whistler blower, investigative journalist and author.

Murray Carew and I were both disappointed to hear that Michael had passed away and having been influenced and informed by him wanted very much to contribute to this show.



During this show as well as hearing us speak you’ll hear clips from Michael’s radio show The Lifeboat Hour and the documentary film about him Collapse.

We play one caller from the tribute show which Lifeboat Hour co host Carolyn Baker hosted the Sunday following his death.

Murray reads out the poem which he emailed to Carolyn and others’ before he took his own life.

Apocalypse, Man
Apocalypse, Man


Ani DiFranco – Self Evident

Resident Anti-Hero – Your Planet is at War

Miriums Well – Big House

Insurge – Political Prisoners


Ruppert and his dog




Yep there we go I did it…. making cheap sexual references to make the show more popular….  really this show has not much to do with sex but is all about G. G in the Anarchist/Activist Dictionary.

G is for Gentrification, Global Warming, Greenwashing (Tasmania’s Forests) and Gender.



Today I would like to suggest you spend some time outside… to connect or maybe reconnect with nature.

Many studies have shown sigificant health benefits from exposure to nature…. a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression and an  increase in energy, fitness, immune functioning and vitamin D intake.

You don’t need to go on a major journey to experience the benefits of nature… Living in inner city Brisbane I have learnt to appreciate the wildlife around me birds, possums, bats, frogs, ants, bugs, grashoppers, trees, shrubs, vines, and grass.

Especially good areas for finding wild nature are abandoned houses and buldings or building sites…. take a walk around yuor neighbourhood and see what you can find.

You can bring nature into yr house too… house plants improve air quality by up to 90%, you could even grow herbs in sunny areas and window sills.

Anyway moving on to what’s on today’s show … we’re going to be looking a G in the Anarchist Alphabet and speaking with Stil Wild Still Threatened’s Miranda Gibson about the Tasmanian Forrest Agreements Bill which includes a clause which holds areas of forest up as ransom as a way of silencing dissent.

The fight to save Tasmania’s rainforests has been on going for years… these forests are magnificant … massive trees stand in these forests trees which are hundreds and also thousands of years old…. unique and threatened wildlife is also found in these forests including Tasmanian Devils, Spotted Quolls and Tasmanian White Goshawks.

These natural wonders don’t mean much to the forestry industry though… to them the forests mean money and really old trees are really big and worth lots of money once harvested.

In late April a big announcement was made of the signing of the Tasmania Forest agreement Bill… The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Tasmania were the environmental groups who signed the deal.

As is often the case these days these groups have made a deal they call it a comprise which grassroots environment groups like Still Wild Still Threatened say does not provide long term protection for the forests

The most concerning part of the Bill though is a ‘durability’ clause which means if there are any  “substantial” forest protest against ongoing logging between now and October next year areas of forest which were going to be protected will be opened up to logging.

To find out more about the Forest Deal Wave and I spoke to Still Wild Still Threatened‘s Miranda Gibson ….


Bedding Music – Unisonic Ascension

Steve B.I.K.O – Worlds on Fire

Ryan Harvey – Gentrification

The Living End – All Torn Down

Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Climate Mash

Expose Exxon Campaign – Toast the Earth

Remember Me Feral – Resistance

Zach De La Rouda – Rewild or Die

Resident Anti-Hero – Come Rescue Me

Jandy Rainbow – G it Never Ends

Brisbane Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament – Iraq 10 yrs On.

Volunteers held pictures from the Children of the Iraq War exhibit behind Donna Mulhearn as she spoke.
Volunteers held pictures from the Children of the Iraq War exhibit behind Donna Mulhearn as she spoke.

The Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament is held in various locations around Australia on Palm Sunday – the Sunday before Easter in the Christian tradition.

This year Palm Sunday fell on March 24 and the rally in Brisbane was held at Redacliffe Place in the city.

On this episode of Autonomous Action Radio we will hear live recordings of speakers at the event.

Listen Here


Download from Radio4all (right click the orange arrow)

This year preparations for the rally were disrupted when the Brisbane City Council notified organiser Joan Shears OAM that amplification was not allowed at the event.

Amplification of the event proceeded as usual after the Rally for Peace and Disarmament Committee disputed the BCC’s ban on amplification.

Ms Shears says she is pleased with how the event turned out.

‘”Although numbers were not as high as in the past we had four excellent speakers and the people who attended engaged well with the event.”

We start off today’s show with Wave speaking about the history of the event followed by an interview with Committee member Greg Brown who was instrumental in forcing the BCC to  overturn their decision regarding the use of amplification at the rally.

Friends of the Earth Campaigner Robin Taubenfeld was the MC of the event she also spoke about the dangers Queensland is about to face now that Premier Campbell Newman and the LNP have overturned the ban on Uranium Mining in this state.

We will hear from her in future episodes especially as the campaign against uranium mining in Queensland heats up.

The 3 other speakers at the event were Peace Activist Donna Mulhearn, Electrical Trade Union State Organiser Scott Reichman and Refugee Advocate Frederika Steen.

Dermot Dorgan sang some songs.
Dermot Dorgan sang some songs.
Rally attendees listen attentively to Dermot's political songs
Rally attendees listen attentively to Dermot’s political songs
Robin Taubenfeld from Nuclear Free Queensland/Friends of the Earth was also the MC for the rally.
Robin Taubenfeld from Nuclear Free Queensland/Friends of the Earth was also the MC for the rally.

No Nukes

Children of the Iraq War Exhibit displayed at RPND
Children of the Iraq War Exhibit displayed at RPND
Robin Taubenfeld,  Joan Shears and Greg Brown (left to right foreground) were the 3 main orgainsers of the event.
Robin Taubenfeld, Joan Shears and Greg Brown (left to right foreground) were the 3 main orgainsers of the event.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

On this weeks show we take a break from the Anarchist/Activist alphabet to look into The International Day Against Police Brutality, listen to a brand new sedition from The Stimulator and hear some classic songs about the po po.

Listen Here

Download from Radio4all

Bedding music – Welcome Clarity

Fuck tha Police


Fault the Police (I don’t) – Corporate Avenger

Pork and Beef

Two Cups of Tea

March 15 is the International Day Against Police Brutality… and this year Autonomous Action Radio held an event where local Murri activist Sam Watson spoke about the history of police brutality in Queensland and what measures can and have been put in place to prevent it.

Around the world marches/actions were held in Canada, America, the UK, Europe and Bangladesh.

 In Memphis Tennessee Black Panther Lorenzo Komboa Ervin was interviewed at an action held at the city hall he explains the origins of the day.

Montreal in Canada has also been involved in the International Day Against Police Brutality since its beginnings in 1997. As we heard during It’s the End of the World as We know it and I feel fine the streets of Montreal have been filled with rage as students protest increases in tuition fees  and the rage continued as the protest against police brutality was marked by more police brutality… Anarchist News also reports a police car was set on fire.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

The light bulb in my study blew and then the light bulb in my bedroom which I guess means I’ll use slightly less electricity but also got me thinking about this documentary I watched recently called… The Lightbulb Conspiracy.

I remember hearing in primary school about how light bulbs could in fact be made so they didn’t blow and need replacing.

But it wasn’t til I watched this doco that I realised how much thought and planning went into exactly how long they lasted.

As is revealed  in the film during the 1920s a secret cartel was set up for the purposes of limiting the life spans of light bulbs.

This is called planned obsolescence and as the documentary reveals is in no way limited to light bulbs.

Things don’t seem to last these days because they’re built that way  – Ipods, printers, washing machines, toasters and even stockings.

And it’s not just dodgy manufacturing … according to the film it’s chips put into printers so they stop working after a certain number of hours and serious testing and planning of clothing to rip or otherwise fall apart.

The film also reveals the end point for electronic waste, developing countries where vast expanses of discarded and worthless consumer goods clutter the landscape – the film was originally called Pyramids of Waste.

Actually they are more than just a visual problem they contain heavy metals and other substances which pollute the environment and cause health problems.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy is free to view on ThoughtMaybe an independently hosted information portal.

Unwelcome Guests dedicated a show to Planned Obsolescence.