A Statement from Omid’s Family

Omid’s funeral notice in Iran

Omid was an Iranian refugee who set himself on fire in Nauru on 27 April. He died in a Brisbane hospital on 29 April. Omid’s funeral was held in Iran yesterday, 20 May. The following is a statement from his family:
“Our hope is gone! Omid is gone forever. He was only 24. “Omid” means “hope” in Persian. His father named him Omid because his birth gave hope, excitement, and life to his small family.

As a child, Omid was so sweet and cute. He loved animals very much. He had built up a small shelter in his house where he kept his pets; they were just like his close friends.

Our Omid had it all: warm, friendly, always smiling, witty, and athletic ability. He was a lifeguard and saved a couple of children. Those kids still come to visit us. His friends describe him as a trustful, amiable, warm, and lovely fella. He was happy and joyful; full of life. It was impossible not to laugh when he was around.

Omid had a catchy slogan that everyone remembers: all his goodbyes were followed by this: “Chakeretam, Nokaretam”, a saying in Persian which implies: you can always count on me for everything. “Chakeretam, Nokaretam”, coming from his mouth, with a broad smile, while he was holding his cap with one hand and tapping your shoulder with the other hand.

There is no word that can express how bitter is his loss for us. Our Omid is gone, our hope is dead; so unbelievable, so sudden! We were counting on him, like always, like what he was saying every time; counting for better future, counting for sweet coming moments.

Omid was doing well, enduring hardships for better future. What happened to Omid’s hope? Who has taken his hope? Who has taken our hope, our Omid? Who has made the life so bitter for him? We lost our Omid, our hope. Who has made the life so bitter for us? The endless bitterness . . .”


To UNHCR from Refugees on Nauru



United Nation High Commission for Refugees


Refugees on Nauru

Dated: 12/5/2016

Humble Words of Refugees on Nauru

  1. We are detained and imprisoned for the last three years on this island. We want freedom and freedom is everyone’s basic right. We are like living corpses, we are free in a sense that we can walk, talk and eat but living aimless and hopeless lives which are resulting refugees in mental issues and disturbed social lives.

    19thJuly, 2013 Government of Australia announced this harsh policy to send helpless and vulnerable people seeking asylum in Australia to offshore (PNG and Nauru) and everyone was told that no one coming after this policy is going to resettle in Australia, but same boat and same policy people are living and started peaceful and beautiful lives in community and we are asking what about us?? Do we have to live life without any future?? Are we not that same policy and boat people who are living in Australia community??

  1. The most important thing is refugees are not mentally, socially, physically and economically safe here. Refugees are in conditions here which led them mentally so unsafe and unsound that no one can focus on the daily life. Three years staying away from the family on this small and remote Island and even small more isolated place like in different accommodation sites (because refugees avoid going out in community to avoid any incident) with lots of problems making refugees mentally on risk. Socially we are living our isolated lives for the last three years.

    Local Nauruan people just treat us not more than their source of income. All of us are scared to go outside of our accommodation sites but still we have to go and get our necessities and we faced heaps of incidents which are reported and still pending to be taken action but we can say it for sure there will be no action on those as to date there is none because of the corrupt and lack of law and order. Refugees are economically exploited as the locals Nauruan people know that we are in situation that we need to work and it makes them easy to exploit and disvaluing our skills. We are getting $ 200.00 fortnightly from connect settlement services which is too small and insufficient to get the basic needs as per survey of the stake holders itself.

    Hence to summarize it, it will be like here there is no law, everyone here is trying to disgrace and degrade us. Some are beating us up, and the law makers are pushing us in all these situations instead they know this situation very well. Whoever wants, they just beat us up, take our money, loot our belongings and possessions and disgrace us and if we report it there is no one to take action or follow it up, so we are tired to report such like incidents now because every one is sure that nothing is going to happen and there is one more interesting fact behind so many cases that’s unreported as reporting it could raise another problem which is, if the local Nauruan who is doing something wrong to any refugees is reported, he will make problems for that refugee in future or will beat him/her and there are lots of cases like this.


    We left our country because of the security reasons; everyone here had some very good reasons to flee his/her country, which are political, social, religious, deprivation, discrimination and life persecution and threats, So we are facing more not least such like issues here.

  1. Like every person on the planet earth, we want to build our future, we have some future plans, we want to explore and advance our lives but we can’t see any life chances on this remote island. All we are struggling to get our daily life necessities because of the lack of the resources as the government administration is not even capable to look after their own local people. Life is not all about struggling for the basic needs, there is something more important to struggle for like education, career growth, self-esteem, social network, friends and family which we don’t have it here.

  2. We are systemically tortured mentally and physically for the past three years in the name of services. If this system is giving services to the refugees, why don’t they let the world see it? People who fled countries for their lives are giving up under this system in the name of services. Refugees are attempting suicides and trying to take their lives to ease themselves out of this suffering system.

  3. Our health issues are escalating day by day; here is no proper medical care. Everyday there is new viral disease and refugees are suffering from different health problems and because of the lack of medical care we are getting disables day by day. These medical issues and lack of care leaving people in frustration and badly affecting mental states.

  4. What is our sin?? Taking refuge in any country for a life is not a sin!!! Third country (New Zealand) offered to take refugees from Nauru but Government of Australia reject the offer. So what should we understand?? Is it like Government of Australia wants to torture vulnerable people!!! Is it like decision makers playing their dirty politics on helpless people for their lavish interests!!!

  5. Why we are treated so inhumanely??? Why the humanitarian organizations around the world (UNHCR, Amnesty International, US Committee for Refugees) are the silent spectators on the inhumane treatment and harsh policy of Australian Government.

Nauru: Protests Continue with Situation Attracting International Attention


Protests by the refugees Australia has dumped on Nauru continue and show no sign of stopping and let’s face it they don’t have that much else to do on the sparse 22km square island.

Protests continue on Nauru. Refugees live in tents with dirt floors and moldy roofs. Children must play in the dirt.

Those living in the community who actually find jobs are exploited by Naurans. A woman told me she was being paid $500 working for the government as an administration assistant.

Police do not investigate any crimes committed if refugees are the victims, because the culprits are likely to be relatives or friends.

Protests will continue until this shocking chapter in Australia’s history is over. Actually all of Australia’s history is shocking but we still try to make things better.




Where is Freedom? Not on Nauru

Refugees on Nauru have been there for over 1000 days. Some have had their claims processed meaning they should no longer be detained.

Nauru is a 22km square island even though the camps are declared ‘open’ it is obvious to any reasonable person all refugees on Nauru are still detained.

There have been protests on Nauru for 46 days. Recently 2 refugees self-immolated. It’s going down on Nauru… everything is going down.. hopefully offshore processing and this government.


Peter Dutton in his true light

Peter Dutton doesn’t want this picture shared. Please share. Everyone is sharing this, photo shopped in various ways it’s helping to highlight Australia’s disgusting refugee policies.

Another Self immolation on Nauru, Protests Continue

Another refugee this time a Somali woman has self immolated on Nauru and it is feared she is brain dead.

Hodan was in RPC1 when she set herself on fire and is now being treated in the grossly inadequate Nauruan hospital.

She had attempted this act a few days ago but was stopped by onlookers. Another Iranian refugee was arrested after dousing himself with petrol on Saturday and was released on Sunday.

Hodan had just been returned from Brisbane where she was being treated for mental health issues and diabetes.

Last week three refugees from Nauru were flown back from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation.

The Refugee Action Coalition says the removals appeared to be a vindictive move by the Immigration Department to re-establish their authority following the PNG Supreme Court finding that Manus Island was unlawful.

This desperate act by Hodan basically proves she wasn’t fit to be returned to the harsh conditions on the tiny island.

The latest reports are that her condition is worse than Omid’s the man who took his life last week in a similar act. She is in a coma.

A crowd has gathered at the hospital in support.

Refugees are very agitated because of their situation, and this second self immolation is just adding to the situation on the tiny island which has reached boiling point.

Police are said to be arresting any refugee they see and there are 10 police cars at the hospital.

Locals are apparently ready to attack refugees and there are riot police ready to disperse any gathering.

Nauru hospital support


Conditions at Regional of Nauru Hospital

Despite the Australian Government claiming that conditions at the RON hospital are the same as in Australia photographic evidence proves they are not.





If you need help and support call Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.