Australia Is Seeking to Silence Manus Truths



[UPDATE – Behrouz says the meeting was cancelled, immigration is waiting for an important leeter from the minister about him]


Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites announced today the outspoken journalist and Manus Island detainee Behrouz Boochani is again being singled out by PNG Immigration.

Behrouz has written many forensic critiques of life within the concentraion camp, and of Australia’s immigration policies.

Despite having refused to make an application for asylum in PNG because he was forcibly taken there by the Australian government, he received a letter on April 18 staying he has been found to be a refugee.

Behrouz did not accept this finding and staged a tree top protest refusing to be moved into the compound with other positive refugees.

“I have never accepted their positive result. I want to show to all people that their process is fake. Where would you find an asylum seeker who would rather be in a ‘negative’ prison than be found to be a refugee? Only in Manus.”

Behrouz was later arrested and moved into Oscar compound with other ‘positive’ refugees.

He continues to write about the conditions in the camp and the mood of detainees, his words are especially after PNG’s Supreme Court ruled the Manus camp is illegal and must close.

This is set detainees on a roller coaster of emotions, happy about the ruling, but then despondent as they hear politicians making announcements which bear no sign of ending the cruelty they have endured.

Today his was told he will have a meeting at 4pm with PNG Immigration who, with orders from Australia, will discuss a third country settlement option.

Researchers Against Pacific Island Black Sites say,

Behrouz is being singled out so to shut him up and in order to BREAK THE VOICES OF MANUS.



Broadspectrum: out-of-date food/mouldy tents

Broadspectrum holds the contracts for both of Australia’s offshore detention facilities, on Nauru Island and Manus Island.

Recently they changed their name from Transfield due to the controversy over offshore processing.

It just announced it had tripled its profits, having just posted a statutory profit of $25 million.

Yet men women and children live in mouldy tents on Nauru and the men at Manus are served out-of-date food.



I Will Not Celebrate the Release of Baby Asha

This is a continuation of something I wrote for the 4ZZZ AnarchyShow today.

Regarding the release of Baby Asha into community detention.

This is not a victory. This is one step along the road to victory. There have been many steps before this and there are many to come.

There’s still over 260 people in Australia facing deportation to Nauru including 36 other babies.

Personally I know the relatives of a Kurdish baby and her family who are in Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation.

This is called a transit centre because it is for people in transit. This baby is set for return to Nauru. And it seems this will happen soon.

This is no reason for celebration.

There are still almost 1500 people in Australia’s offshore detention hellholes.

I will not be celebrating until they are brought back to this country and are living in the community.

The government and opposition still have offshore detention policies.

I will not be celebrating until these are abolished.

I will not be celebrating until the government has a fair and just refugee determination process.

Minister Dutton has said Baby Asha will be sent back to Nauru after all legal and medical issues are resolved.

Like other refugees brought from Nauru to Australia if Baby Asha and her family are found in need of our protection – through the recently introduced dodgy fast track policy – they will be sent back to Nauru.

Fungal diseases have become epidemic in the so called community on Nauru. Just imagine conditions in tents with no air-conditioning.
Fungal diseases have become epidemic in the so called community on Nauru.
Just imagine conditions in tents with no air-conditioning.

They also will have the ‘opportunity’ to settle in Cambodia or another of Australia’s poor neighbors who are bribed by our government to take them.

If they are found not to be owning of our ‘protection’ they will have to stay on Nauru or be sent back to the country they fled.

In Baby Asha’s case Nepal where her family are part of a persecuted Christian minority.

This is no reason to celebrate.

There is no reason to celebrate while lawyers for Baby Asha and family are being denied access to their clients.

I will not be celebrating while I am receiving messages from people (they are people, not numbers, not statistics) saying they are sick of life in the Manus Island detention facility and want to die.

I will not be celebrating while cats walk around inside the hospital in Nauru.

A cat can be seen in the background although the condition are bad in without the cat

I won’t be celebrating until there is justice for Reza Berati, Hamid Kehazaei, Leo Seemanpillai, Fazel Chegeni, Omid Avazali, Ali Muhammad, Mohammad Nasim Najafi and all the others who have died because of Australia’s refugee policies.

This includes deaths, there is a way to ensure we help refugees without them having to risk their lives at sea.

Basically I won’t be celebrating until Australia has humanity at the centre of all things not money.

Reza Berati’s grave he was murdered during unrest on Manus Island in 2014, no one has been convicted of his death.


The conditions Baby Asha will grow up in if sent back to Nauru


reza crane

Refugee Action Coalition


The Iranian asylum seeker, Reza Khestinzhad, who staged a nine hour
protest on top of a the crane on Nauru on Friday (27 November), has
been arrested by Nauruan police.

Reza was taken to the IHMS clinic on Friday, around 6.30pm, after he
ended the protest and came down from the crane.

But this morning, Sunday, 29 November, Nauruan police arrested him at
the clinic and took him to the police station, where he is being held.

Police refused to allow his sister to see him at the police station
today and indicated that he would be held until at least Wednesday,
although police have not said what charge, if any, he would face.

“We are extremely worried for Reza’s welfare,” said Ian Rintoul,
spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, “Reza should not be in
jail. The police are an extension of the Nauruan government that is
doing everything it can to stifle the right to protest on Nauru,
including arbitrary arrest.

“Reza’s only crime was to send a message to the world that Nauru is a
prison island.”

Meanwhile, today, Sunday 29 November, a Sri Lanka asylum seeker has
scaled a high tree near the family camp on Nauru. The asylum seeker
has been in the tree since 9am, Nauruan time.

The man, his wife and a daughter, have been held on Nauru for two and
half years.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

reza crane

To the Australian People from Manus Island

In the heart of the dark nights, I yell out through the mass of metallic and hard fences. Surrounded by agony and torture, I yell out right next to the tropical birds, thousands kilometre further away from the people’s world, in the heart of a remote island located in the corner of the vastest ocean in the world.

In the name of humanity and freedom, I yell out, in the name of all the values, values which connect human’s dignity with peace. I yell out, a yell from the hell where people are tortured and humiliated in a systematic form.

A yell having the quality of those flower-like ambitions when their petals are being plucked cruelly and a yell having the quality of a heart which has been crushed under the steel boots of politicians. Here is the hellhole Manus island.

Protecting the boarders and saving lives from the dangerous sea journey are the excuses for this brutal policy (The excuses for this brutal policy are to protect the boarders and to save lives from the dangerous boat journey).

After 27 months of implementing this policy, now it is time to impartially evaluate how this policy has been applied. During this long period, the Australian government has been accused of human rights violations by most of the credible international organisations which are active in human rights realm.

So far two people have lost their lives in the Manus prison ( detention centre). On Naura, dozen cases of rape and violence against women and children have been recorded, and with the continuance of this policy, everyday new cases are being added to the list of rape and violence.

Unfortunately, the government still insists on pursuing this policy. after 27 months, no one has been settled on Manus island yet. It shows that there is no planing for refugee resettlement on the island. Thus we could say that an obvious and official hostage-taking is occoring because since then no one has been resettled and no one has been released from the prison.

It is an apparent reality that saving people’s lives at sea is being used as a cover to implement the inhuman and immoral policy. Unfortunately, this policy has not had any achivement, it has just caused the intense suffering and the extreme agony for detainee asylum seekers as well as damages to the reputation and the credibility of Australia in the worldwide public opinion. It seems that it is time for Australian people to yell loudly at the government to urge it to confess that the policy of Naura and Manus resettlement has reached a dead end, and also to urge the government to bring an end to this harsh policy as soon as possible.

Behrouz Boochani Journalist and human rights defender Manus prison 5 October 2015