Border Fascist Update

According the the Operation Sovereign Borders December Update there were no so called illegal maritime arrivals transferred to Australian Immigration authorities.
And no illegal maritime arrivals were transferred to regional processing centres. This doesn’t confirm whether any people attempted to seek asylum in Australia by boat.
The report also mentions the 2 year anniversary of the policy to turn boats back to their country of origin. It claims 695 people on 23 boats have been returned to their country of origin (the country the boat left from most likely Indonesia).
Of course they claim this is saving lives at sea. But this logic is nonsensical.

How can you save lives at sea by keeping boats at sea? Do they know what happened to the people when they returned to Indonesia? Did they even get back to Indonesia?

I’ve read reports of boats washing up on remote islands and people dying trying to get to a habitated area..

There’s also the claim that refugees on Nauru are ‘free’ because they are no longer in detention centres. And that sending 72 children, who are in detention in Australia, to Nauru will be freeing them from detention.
They are free in so far as they can travel around the 21 sq km Island. Where the government is in turmoil and rape and theft are common, especially if you are ‘not a local’.
Last year children on Nauru staged a protest claiming to be bullied at school and hit by teachers.
“[Nauruan] children from the school are so bad. They tell us bad words and when you want to go to the playground, they will hit us. Nauru is so dirty and so small.”
Meanwhile the Department of Immigration and pandering to racists has committed to spending over $1M for medals for its Border Farce staff.
Much like Minister Dutton’s incapability to control a mobile phone this gave social media users a chance to have a lot of fun.
Underlying this humor is the knowledge of the torment and psychological and physical harm which is being perpetrated by the Australian government against some of the worlds most vulnerable people.
One of those people and someone who is able to allow his inner turmoil to flow into words for others to read is Kurdish Iranian Behrouz Boochani. Below is some of his writing.
From Manus prison for Australian civil society……Australia and Australian society are in a susceptible stage. The fight of civil society with the fascist state has reached to a sensitive point.
During last 3 years the Australian government has acted dictatorially and tortured asylum seekers. Australia’s civil society and human rights activists have not been stationary and are fighting against this dictatorial system by many means but the state has not shown any flexibility and has instead increased strain and stress on asylum seekers.
The behavior of a dictatorial state shows us that it does not value civil society and despite all actions will keep its ways! It is a dangerous occurrence for Australian society because if civil society is defeated in this fight and the state keeps on with its policy civil society will be weakened and the state will continue this pattern in the future. Dictatorship is like a cancer and can easily affect all the portions of a society.
The fight between the Australian state and civil society is a very sensitive fight. It is not only for tortured asylum seekers, this is a vital and significant fight for all Australian people also. It is a fight for the kind of humanity our world needs.We should make the fascist state understand that it can not simply ignore humanity and human rights emphasizing that our fight with Australia is not just for some thousands of refugees but a fight for humanity, justice and peace!!!
Imagine if Australian civil society were able to defeat Peter Dutton? What would the future look like? Many thanks. Behrouz Boochani.

Teacher Outcry at Students Detention


Brisbane teachers have taken “historic” industrial action in their campaign to release an asylum-seeking high school student from a detention centre.

More than 50 teachers from Yeronga State High School, including principal Terry Heath, staged the strike in support of 21-year-old Mojgan Shamsalipoor on Tuesday afternoon.

Asylum seeker Ms Shamsalipoor was months away from graduating at the school when a failed visa application saw her forcibly removed from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation Centre in August and taken to a Darwin detention centre.

A spokeswoman for immigration minister Peter Dutton says he stands by the authorities’ decision to refuse the student refugee status and she should be deported.

“This is historic action,” said teacher Jessica Walker, who is leading the campaign to free Ms Shamsalipoor.

“Teachers have taken industrial action because of human rights abuses for the first time.

“It’s hugely significant and it’s only the beginning.”

After being refused refugee status, campaigners are now asking for Mr Dutton to allow Ms Shamsalipoor, who married fellow student Milad Jafari, also 21, to apply for a partner visa without the need to return to her native Iran.

“He has the power to do that and we urge him to do the right thing,” Ms Walker added.

Ms Shamsalipoor arrived illegally (sic – it is not illegal to seek asylum) in Australia by boat in 2012 after fleeing Iran to escape sexual abuse and an arranged marriage to a man in his 60s.

Dozens of students joined their teachers in a rally outside the school to call for the release of Ms Shamsalipoor, who managed to complete her year 12 studies from the detention centre with the help of the school.

In a speech directed at Mr Dutton, 17-year-old Eden Boyd said: “As young Australians we feel betrayed by the injustice of this situation.”

MP Mark Bailey said he supported the community campaign and has urged Mr Dutton to grant a visa to the student, who fears she will be killed if she returns to Iran.

AAP Photos by Mark Gillespie

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Immigration Department Targeted with ‘Pram Jams’

Pram Jam in Melbourne
Pram Jam in Melbourne

Friday November the 6th

Friends, Families, and Feminists Against Detention threaten Pram Jams across the country if refugee Golestan isn’t brought to Australia for immediate neonatal care.

Friends, Families, and Feminists Against Detention, who this Wednesday the 4th of November were evicted by police after organising a ‘pram jam’ at Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Melbourne, are calling on refugee supporters to organise pram jams across the country in response to government negligence in their responsibility to look after Golestan, a refugee in Nauru in critical need of neonatal support in Australia.

Jill Sparrow, the mother of a 22 month old child who was removed by police at DIBP while still breastfeeding on Wednesday, said “ The treatment of Golestan echoes the same negligent attitude shown towards Abyan. Nauru does not have the facilities to keep this woman safe during birth, Australia does. She needs immediate transferal with her family to the Australian mainland as a matter of urgency. The government has allowed continued child abuse and sexual violence to occur under its watch. We are saying no more. Children need safety, and women need to be respected. Bring her to Australia now!”

The ‘pram jam’ on Wednesday consisted of parents, bubs, and feminists grounding elevators in the DIBP by lodging prams inside and then peacefully sitting on the floor to have a picnic. Their demands were for the permanent resettlement of Abyan in Australia, an end to sexual violence to refugees, and for the closure of all offshore processing facilities. While some protesters left voluntarily, others were evicted by Police who carried and dragged them out.

Jill said “If the government won’t act on this, we will. We are calling on pram jams across the country for Golestan. We must be resolute in our commitment where the government is not for the safety and well being of refugees that sought asylum in Australia. We stand strong with the Australian Medical Association which has called for her transferal here. We will accept nothing less.”

Read more about Golestan’s situation here:…/doctors-plead-for-pregnant-ref…

Changes to act would allow Scott Morrison to ‘play God’


*** Please note I will not publish any comments which are negative towards refugees nor enter into debates about whether or not it is legal to seek asylum by boat. This argument has been has ad nauseam and if you really must have it there’s plenty of other places you can do so ***

Another tactic being used by the government in the war against refugees.

Republished from the Sydney Morning Herald

Changes to a core migration act, which critics argue could allow Scott Morrison to “play God” and decide the fate of asylum seekers, have been investigated by a Senate committee.

Under current complementary protection visa requirements, people not defined as “refugees” – such as women who are fleeing from honour killings, genital female mutilation or torture victims – can be granted visas through the normal refugee processes.

Now, under the proposed changes Mr Morrison will have discretionary power to rule the fate of these asylum seekers.

The Greens party, academics and refugee advocates argue the changes will risk Australia’s compliance with international law, could harm vulnerable people, will remove standard legal processes and protections, and could create errors by introducing inefficient processing measures.

On Tuesday the Senate committee recommended the bill be passed, as long as administrative processes are put in place. But it still remains unlikely the bill will pass in the Senate.

Only five years ago, then Labor immigration minister Chris Evans likened the responsibility of the Migration Act to “playing God”, saying he had too much power and the workload was too immense. The act was subsequently changed 19 months ago.

In a submission to the inquiry, president of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs said the bill would increase the risk of Australia breaking its international obligations.

“We think there will be an increase in the risk that Australia will return people to their countries of origin despite the fact there is a real risk they will suffer irreparable harm, including torture or death, on their return,” Dr Triggs wrote in her submission.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the government had an “unhealthy obsession with power.”

“Without Complementary Protection, the Immigration Minister himself will decide who gets protection and who gets sent home with a single stroke of his pen,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

Meanwhile, Australia’s treatment of Sri Lankan asylum seekers was addressed on Tuesday night at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

In a statement to the session, human rights lawyer Emily Howie from the The Human Rights Law Centre told the session that Australia’s efforts in ”stopping the boats” was violating the rights of Sri Lankans at risk of persecution from Sri Lankan authorities.

“Australia’s forced return of Sri Lankans after an inadequate refugee determination process violates Australia’s obligation to non-refoulement,” she said.

Australia asks impoverished Cambodia to take some asylum seekers

Another example of Australia’s racist foreign policies.
Prak Chan Thul Reuters2:45 a.m. CST, February 22, 2014

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Australia asked Cambodia, one of Asia’s poorest countries, on Saturday to take in asylum seekers detained while trying to reach the Australian coast and Cambodia said it would think about it.

Australia’s government came to power last year partly because of a tough stance on asylum seekers arriving from Indonesia with Prime Minister Tony Abbott promising to “stop the boats”.

Australia already has offshore detention centers in the impoverished South Pacific nations of Papua New Guinea and Nauru for asylum seekers it intercepts, often in rickety boats.

On Saturday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop asked Prime Minister Hun Sen if Cambodia, which in the 1970s and 1980s saw a huge exodus of refugees fleeing war and starvation, could also house some migrants.

“The Australian minister has requested that Cambodia takes in some refugees,” Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong told a news briefing with Bishop.

“In the past, Cambodians have fled their country to other countries but now, it’s time that Cambodia takes in refugees from other countries,” he said.

Hun Sen would “take serious consideration” of the request, Hor Namhong said.

In her comments, Bishop did not refer directly to the Australian request but said she had discussed cooperation with Cambodia in various areas including people smuggling.

The number of asylum seekers reaching Australia pales in comparison with other countries but it is a polarizing political issue that also stokes tension with neighboring Indonesia over border policies that have been criticized by the United Nations and international human rights groups.

One asylum seeker was killed and about 80 were hurt in rioting last week at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has said the Manus camp should be shut because it fails to provide “safe and humane conditions of treatment in detention”.