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Marcel CartierRight to Rebel



Mic RighteousDon’t it Make you wonder (freedom for Palestine)




ΕΞΤΑΣΗ ΤΕΑΜ – ΑΝΤΑΡΣΙΑ  (Examination Team – Mutiny)

εΜεS ~ The Government is Corrupt

Agripnos feat. Kiknio Asma, PWe are Strangers Everywhere

DDM – Total Destruction of Capitalism




Dr Dre – Murder Ink




Well Brisbane ‘Australia’s new world city’ hosted the G20….. the media hyped it up for months all the world’s anarchists were coming to Brisbane to smash shit up and kill your grandmother.

What ended up happening was that it was really fucking hot, Tony Abbott made a fool of us once again and there was a street parade involving .001% of Brisbane’s population.

The police are hailing their operation a huge success……. the media claiming all the police stopped any violence or property destruction from happening. To be honest it’s a bit sickening.

Will anything change? Would more direct action have changed anything?

There are the things we must think critically about, future shows will discuss this more.

The cult of non violence is something that is well and truly dominant in Brisbane’s ‘left’ movement. To think critically about this we play an interview with Peter Gelderloos author of How Nonviolence Protects the State and The Failure of Nonviolence.

Also I wrote some satire about the BLACK BLOC PARTY that could have been.








Trying to inspire action against capitalism with the 20 crime bosses of the industrial world meeting in Brisbane soon.

And refocus the issue of violence to look at where the violence really comes from in society.





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For a change from spreading fear about ‘Muslims’ the Courier Mail this weekend focused on ‘anarchists’.

The front cover for Saturday September 27 contains a beat up about plans for ‘anarchy’ at Brisbane’s G20.

So now is a good time reiterate that anarchy is not violence.

At the beginning of every episode of The Anarchy Show the introduction borrows these words from Alexander Berkman

“anarchism is not bombs, disorder, or chaos. it is not robbery and murder. it is not a war of each against all. Anarchism is the very opposite of all that”

Anarchism is love. Anarchist action stems from love. And that’s what puts us up against capitalism and economic organisations such as the G20.

Capitalism is not about love. Capitalism is about greed.

The result of capitalism is environmental destruction, poverty, an erosion of workers’ rights and war.

The focus of the article Brisbane G20 looms as security nightmare as protesters plan for mayhem
is a wordpress site planbg20.wordpress.com.

Apparently Plan B is a plan to unleash ‘waves of destruction’ during the G20 in Brisbane.

The Plan B site suggests actions, but gives no indication there are any groups or actual plans associated with it.

However no matter how much destruction or disruption an anarchist group might cause it will never equal the destruction caused by capitalism and the decisions made by the G20 and similar international organisations.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse
Unidentified bodies prepared for mass burial after a factory collapse killed more than 400 garment workers in Bangladesh. Decisions made by the G20 lead to poor work conditions and low wages for people in developing nations.

As I write this a war plane flies over head….. warming up for a display for Brisbane residents – Riverfire a ‘family’ event. Because under capitalism war is entertainment.

Yet according to the mainstream media, government and police anarchists – armed with a desire for equality and universal peace – are a threat.

The Plan B site does suggest some actions but none of those involve violence.

Property destruction is not violence.

And anyway there are far more important issues discussed on the Plan B site.

The violence, mayhem and destruction caused by neo-liberal capitalism which is at the heart of the G20’s agenda.

‘… neo-liberal policies lead to increased corporate control, and to increased levels of inequality between the rich an the poor – both locally and internationally. Neo-liberal policies include cuts to social services and support, a reduction of tariffs, and the privatisation of the public sector – including health care, education, social services and environmental protection.’

‘The gap between rich and poor is still growing. Children routinely die starving while hoarded food rots. The world moves daily closer to feeling the tangible effects of irreversible climate change. Profits flow through borders unimpeded (always into the pockets of the rich) but people are caught in razor wire traps.’

Oil Affected Pelicans
These pelicans wait to be cleaned after the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster in 2010. Environmental safe guards are ignored as corporations compete in the capitalist market place.

Bris-CAN is not Plan B

Saturday’s Courier Mail aims to draw links between the Plan B website and the Brisbane Community Action Network.

There are no links and the Courier Mail journalist David Murray was told this.

Robin Taubenfeld whose quote and photo was published inside the print version of the Courier Mail along side the article sent this message to David Murray –

“people have had concerns about past reporting and sensationalism from the Courier Mail. I request Courier Mail does not print any thing that implicate, incriminates or links me/briscan to plan b as you are aware that I/BrisCAN have not been involved. It would be irresponsible and unfortunate if the Courier Mail attempts to cast aspersions on me/us after I have commented in good faith.”

It’s not surprising the Murdoch paper choose to hype up the potential for so called violence during the G20 it once again reinforces that the mainstream media are part of the capitalist system and do not reflect the true interests of the community.


I’m including the article here so you don’t have to go to the Courier Mail website, and get sucked into the fear machine.

PROTESTERS are circulating a plan to unleash “waves of destruction” during Brisbane’s G20 summit.

The plot to mar the event — dubbed Plan B — is being distributed online.

It advocates destroying ATMs and other property and disrupting sport and social events. The plan cites an array of activist causes including globalisation, poverty and gay rights.

Attacks would be launched away from the heavily fortified security zones in favour of areas where police would be thinner on the ground.

Police yesterday extended the time and locations that would be subject to restrictions — security lockdowns will now begin on November 8, six days earlier than planned.

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said police needed the extra time because protesters would be out in force earlier than first anticipated.

The changes also mean the public will be banned from entering the Southbank Cultural Precinct — including the Gallery of Modern Art, the State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Art Gallery — on November 15.

Gambado Hotel on Caxton St, the Intercontinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove Resort and the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel have been added as hotels for the delegates with strict security measures and join another nine in Brisbane City on the restricted list, meaning they are for the sole use of the G20 delegates.

Streets around the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will now be closed from November 1.

Police Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll has condemned the plan for violence and said she would be “bitterly disappointed” if Brisbane’s G20 summit descended into the kind of chaos that has marred recent world economic summits.

“When we have got so much going on across the world in terms of terrorism ­issues, to push this out to ­various groups is irresponsible,” she said.

Placed online anonymously, Plan B adopts the motto “disrupt, resist, obstruct”.

Ms Carroll warned groups should be concerned about ­infiltration by “violent extremist protesters”, not police.

“Our biggest issue is people who want to lawfully protest and air their issues are ­infiltrated by violent people,” she said.

The Brisbane Community Action Network G20 (BrisCAN-G20) and Occupy Brisbane both shared the plan on Facebook this week.

BrisCAN-G20 organiser Robin Taubenfeld (pictured left), who is also with Friends of the Earth, said she did not know who was ­behind Plan B.

“I’m certainly not in a position to denounce or criticise Plan B,” Ms Taubenfeld said.

Plan B suggests people destroy billboards, “haunt” officials, occupy offices, strike, blockade and picket.

“Instead of gathering our strength and marching into the traps they have set for us, we are calling for disseminated disorder,” the plan reads.

“We are calling for people to form affinity groups in their home towns and autonomously organise decentralised direct action against the G20 and the capitalist occupation of our lives.

“Just imagine, while the pigs are helplessly patrolling the streets of Brisbane’s CBD in their ridiculous armour with their intimidating vehicles, decentralised waves of creation and destruction will ebb and flow right across the country.

“There is nothing more beautiful we can think of.”

Associate Professor Janet Ransley, head of the Griffith University criminology and criminal justice school, said groups prominent in previous G20 events in Toronto and London could be expected.

“It’s going to be a very difficult task for police. They’re going to be very concerned by this conflation of this terrorist risk with this volatile crowd situation,” she said.


This weeks show involves a bit of selling as we take part in 4ZZZ’s Radiothon 2014.

4ZZZ is a subscriber funded station and has survived 39 years through listener support.

The theme of this year’s Radiothon is Challenge Your Media Diet and we’re reminding the community about the important of independent media.

Independent media adds variety to the media landscape, which is dominated by only a few large corporate players.

Cool tunes and anarchy they’re reasons to be cheerful yeah?



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Climate Debate: Not If but How Soon?

By Murray Carew
IS IT POSSIBLE that in our efforts to engage with climate deniers on their terms – to persuade them or at least expose their errors and lies to others – is it possible that we have not paid close enough attention to what is actually happening out there in the global climate system?
I know I haven’t, not for years.

Have we been lulled – even those of us working for change – into a sort of nervous complacency?

Has our view of reality been skewed by conservative IPCC reports, hundred-year projections of sea level rise and the relentless internal mantra of ‘stay positive’?

There *is* a scientific debate on climate change, but it’s not about whether it’s happening or what is causing it.

The new debate is about what’s happening in the Arctic right now and whether the IPCC reports are failing to keep up with a situation that may be rapidly getting beyond any meaningful human influence.

[UPDATE IPCC reports ‘diluted’ under ‘political pressure’ to protect fossil fuel interests

Increasing evidence is emerging that the policy summaries on climate impacts and mitigation by the UN Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were significantly ‘diluted’ under political pressure from some of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, including Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil and the United States.]

See for example this audio interview with Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith:



Extreme Heat, Floods Strike Eastern Europe

As Jeff Masters posted in a blog Monday the worst flooding in a century has occurred in Bosnia and Serbia this past week. At the same time, a record May heat wave has affected Estonia, Finland, Belarus, and northwestern Russia. Here are some details.