This is the latest sedition of The AnarchyShow. Featuring the latest It’s the End of the World As we Know it and I feel fine, Anna’s #antifa wrap up and an interview with transgender musician Jandy Rainbow.



Plus some news about the Climate Marches and the Laura Street Festival in Brisbane.

Read the experience of some representatives Global South at the London march, their experiences take the shine off the image of the march promoted by the big environmental non profit organisations.


JASIRI X ft clair mortifee – PEACEFUL FIGHT info



Now the G20 is over and the fever has passed we’ve got other afflictions to contend with .. such as


This is the name of the latest show from The Stimulator we play the first half straight up on the show.

We talk a little about the G20. We want to focus on the future now and how we can build a strong anarchist resistance in Brisbane.

One thing that is sure not to cure any anarchist related affliction you have is how you choose to spend your money.

To look into this further we play a short video by Savage Revival called Individualism vs Resistance.

This show aired just before the Furguson verdict was announced and Anna shares some of the background to the story.

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Climate Debate: Not If but How Soon?

By Murray Carew
IS IT POSSIBLE that in our efforts to engage with climate deniers on their terms – to persuade them or at least expose their errors and lies to others – is it possible that we have not paid close enough attention to what is actually happening out there in the global climate system?
I know I haven’t, not for years.

Have we been lulled – even those of us working for change – into a sort of nervous complacency?

Has our view of reality been skewed by conservative IPCC reports, hundred-year projections of sea level rise and the relentless internal mantra of ‘stay positive’?

There *is* a scientific debate on climate change, but it’s not about whether it’s happening or what is causing it.

The new debate is about what’s happening in the Arctic right now and whether the IPCC reports are failing to keep up with a situation that may be rapidly getting beyond any meaningful human influence.

[UPDATE IPCC reports ‘diluted’ under ‘political pressure’ to protect fossil fuel interests

Increasing evidence is emerging that the policy summaries on climate impacts and mitigation by the UN Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were significantly ‘diluted’ under political pressure from some of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, including Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil and the United States.]

See for example this audio interview with Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith:



Extreme Heat, Floods Strike Eastern Europe

As Jeff Masters posted in a blog Monday the worst flooding in a century has occurred in Bosnia and Serbia this past week. At the same time, a record May heat wave has affected Estonia, Finland, Belarus, and northwestern Russia. Here are some details.



Yep there we go I did it…. making cheap sexual references to make the show more popular….  really this show has not much to do with sex but is all about G. G in the Anarchist/Activist Dictionary.

G is for Gentrification, Global Warming, Greenwashing (Tasmania’s Forests) and Gender.



Today I would like to suggest you spend some time outside… to connect or maybe reconnect with nature.

Many studies have shown sigificant health benefits from exposure to nature…. a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression and an  increase in energy, fitness, immune functioning and vitamin D intake.

You don’t need to go on a major journey to experience the benefits of nature… Living in inner city Brisbane I have learnt to appreciate the wildlife around me birds, possums, bats, frogs, ants, bugs, grashoppers, trees, shrubs, vines, and grass.

Especially good areas for finding wild nature are abandoned houses and buldings or building sites…. take a walk around yuor neighbourhood and see what you can find.

You can bring nature into yr house too… house plants improve air quality by up to 90%, you could even grow herbs in sunny areas and window sills.

Anyway moving on to what’s on today’s show … we’re going to be looking a G in the Anarchist Alphabet and speaking with Stil Wild Still Threatened’s Miranda Gibson about the Tasmanian Forrest Agreements Bill which includes a clause which holds areas of forest up as ransom as a way of silencing dissent.

The fight to save Tasmania’s rainforests has been on going for years… these forests are magnificant … massive trees stand in these forests trees which are hundreds and also thousands of years old…. unique and threatened wildlife is also found in these forests including Tasmanian Devils, Spotted Quolls and Tasmanian White Goshawks.

These natural wonders don’t mean much to the forestry industry though… to them the forests mean money and really old trees are really big and worth lots of money once harvested.

In late April a big announcement was made of the signing of the Tasmania Forest agreement Bill… The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Tasmania were the environmental groups who signed the deal.

As is often the case these days these groups have made a deal they call it a comprise which grassroots environment groups like Still Wild Still Threatened say does not provide long term protection for the forests

The most concerning part of the Bill though is a ‘durability’ clause which means if there are any  “substantial” forest protest against ongoing logging between now and October next year areas of forest which were going to be protected will be opened up to logging.

To find out more about the Forest Deal Wave and I spoke to Still Wild Still Threatened‘s Miranda Gibson ….


Bedding Music – Unisonic Ascension

Steve B.I.K.O – Worlds on Fire

Ryan Harvey – Gentrification

The Living End – All Torn Down

Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Climate Mash

Expose Exxon Campaign – Toast the Earth

Remember Me Feral – Resistance

Zach De La Rouda – Rewild or Die

Resident Anti-Hero – Come Rescue Me

Jandy Rainbow – G it Never Ends

Coal-onial Collapse

This program features audio which was recorded at an event by the name of Coal-onial Collapse.  Held shortly before Australia Day the themes of the event were anarchism, anti-imperialism and the environmental cost of coal mining.

Listen here

Download from radio4all.

As part of the Colony Collapse Australian Tour Sakura Saunders presents The True Cost of Coal by the Beehive Design Collective.

Thanks to Chris Harvey for photography and recording of the event, and Browning Street Studios for letting us use their venue.

Background music by Jandy Rainbow –

Resident Anti Hero

Maiden Speech – Strange Girl

K’naan – Wavin’ Flag

Test Their Logic – The End of the World

The Serenity – Trouble

Non Bosse Posse – Plan it!

Μουσικοί Ισοβίτες (feat Δ.Π.Θ.) ~ Στους Δρόμους
(Lifers feat.DPTH ) In the streets

Short summary: Resistence Hip Hop based on the song”Lungo la Strada” (Along the Road) by Milva, which in turn was based on the soviet folk song “Polyushka Polye”. The song talks about the realities that the younger generations face in capitalism in Greece.
-Some of the lyrics:  ‘I said look at me deeply, in the eyes and see the hell in which you roam, wipe the tears and swear that in the tough times which will come, you’ll stand by me and bleed your fists, With the first bullets fired upon us, I cannot guarantee you that all will endure, but we will be standing up until they throw us down or arrest us,
the sky will be raining tears on earth but we’ll beat the shit out of the riot policemen,while in these dark days they are trying to intimidate everyone, they give away light so that later we will miss it, but nevertheless when did the the wolves survive in the light; Dedicated to France where the souls still roam in the streets not fit for bosses and their threats, in the streets that people were killed because they didn’t stick their tongue out but molotov and their fists.”

The End of the Road – John Sheehy