Border Fascist Update

According the the Operation Sovereign Borders December Update there were no so called illegal maritime arrivals transferred to Australian Immigration authorities.
And no illegal maritime arrivals were transferred to regional processing centres. This doesn’t confirm whether any people attempted to seek asylum in Australia by boat.
The report also mentions the 2 year anniversary of the policy to turn boats back to their country of origin. It claims 695 people on 23 boats have been returned to their country of origin (the country the boat left from most likely Indonesia).
Of course they claim this is saving lives at sea. But this logic is nonsensical.

How can you save lives at sea by keeping boats at sea? Do they know what happened to the people when they returned to Indonesia? Did they even get back to Indonesia?

I’ve read reports of boats washing up on remote islands and people dying trying to get to a habitated area..

There’s also the claim that refugees on Nauru are ‘free’ because they are no longer in detention centres. And that sending 72 children, who are in detention in Australia, to Nauru will be freeing them from detention.
They are free in so far as they can travel around the 21 sq km Island. Where the government is in turmoil and rape and theft are common, especially if you are ‘not a local’.
Last year children on Nauru staged a protest claiming to be bullied at school and hit by teachers.
“[Nauruan] children from the school are so bad. They tell us bad words and when you want to go to the playground, they will hit us. Nauru is so dirty and so small.”
Meanwhile the Department of Immigration and pandering to racists has committed to spending over $1M for medals for its Border Farce staff.
Much like Minister Dutton’s incapability to control a mobile phone this gave social media users a chance to have a lot of fun.
Underlying this humor is the knowledge of the torment and psychological and physical harm which is being perpetrated by the Australian government against some of the worlds most vulnerable people.
One of those people and someone who is able to allow his inner turmoil to flow into words for others to read is Kurdish Iranian Behrouz Boochani. Below is some of his writing.
From Manus prison for Australian civil society……Australia and Australian society are in a susceptible stage. The fight of civil society with the fascist state has reached to a sensitive point.
During last 3 years the Australian government has acted dictatorially and tortured asylum seekers. Australia’s civil society and human rights activists have not been stationary and are fighting against this dictatorial system by many means but the state has not shown any flexibility and has instead increased strain and stress on asylum seekers.
The behavior of a dictatorial state shows us that it does not value civil society and despite all actions will keep its ways! It is a dangerous occurrence for Australian society because if civil society is defeated in this fight and the state keeps on with its policy civil society will be weakened and the state will continue this pattern in the future. Dictatorship is like a cancer and can easily affect all the portions of a society.
The fight between the Australian state and civil society is a very sensitive fight. It is not only for tortured asylum seekers, this is a vital and significant fight for all Australian people also. It is a fight for the kind of humanity our world needs.We should make the fascist state understand that it can not simply ignore humanity and human rights emphasizing that our fight with Australia is not just for some thousands of refugees but a fight for humanity, justice and peace!!!
Imagine if Australian civil society were able to defeat Peter Dutton? What would the future look like? Many thanks. Behrouz Boochani.

Embrace The Riot: Why liberalism fails

This kind of relates to what is talked about in the upcoming sedition of Autonomous Action Radio…


There is the undeniable fact that black people, even black youth, are treated systematically different in this country. We can no longer afford for this truth to be ignored. The cost of this continued ignorance comes at the cost of more black lives. This is a truth that is unacceptable in any society that wants to claim to be post-anything.

With reporter Gary Webb back in the spotlight, the thing that is missing from these headlines is what the black community has always known – that the CIA was flooding black communities with crack cocaine. This served to benefit the US in two ways: it 1. allowed for the US to fund the Nicaraguan Contras without directly linking themselves, and 2. ), in relation to this article, they were able to interrupt the black liberation movement of the 60s-70s by criminalizing the black community, disrupting black advancement and stealing black wealth…

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Call For International Front In Kobanê

The Rojava Report


(Kobanê) Socialist and revolutionary organizations in Turkey have issued a joint statement in which they announced the formation of the Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri – ‘United Freedom Forces’ or BÖG  – in Kobanê and called for an international front to defend the revolution in Rojava, according to an article from Özgür Gündem.

The statement was made made by lyas Hekimoğlu, who spoke in the name of the BÖG. Hekimoğlu, stressing that the resistance in Kobanê had become a 21st century Paris Commune, said “In a Middle East where capitalist barbarism and imperialist interests are pursued with savagery the Rojava Model – which aims at and is building a form of life which is anti-capitalist, communal and on the side of freedom and democracy – is presenting an internationalist way of life to the peoples of the Middle East and the world. Kobanê is not the first, nor will it…

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Accelerating Towards an Arctic Blue Ocean Event

Collapse of Industrial Civilization


“For the last 8,000 years we’ve had [relatively] amazing stability with constant weather temperatures and sea level. This stability has allowed the development of agriculture, civilization, industrialization, and a population of 7 billion and rising. This apparent stability is entirely a fluke. It is by amazing good luck that we are here today looking back on the past.”
John Nissen (12-4-2014), Arctic Methane Emergency Group

On the 4th and 6th of December of the year 2014, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) held press forums at the COP-20 United Nations Climate Change Conference that is being held in Lima, Peru. For those unfamiliar with AMEG, here is a summary about them from their website that illustrates their proven track record of predictions:

AMEG is a group of determined scientists, engineers, communicators and others, dedicated firstly to establishing what really is happening to our planet (especially in the Arctic) using best scientific evidence, secondly…

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Via Free West Papua Campaign

BREAKING NEWS. We are sad to be receiving several reports that the Indonesian military, police and intelligence has once again gone on the rampage in West Papua.

It is reported that up to 13 civilians have been shot dead, including 2 school children and their mothers.


Indonesian soldiers massacre West Papuans – Between 5 and 13 West Papuans have been killed and 12-21 injured by the Indonesian military during a protest against military violence towards children

In Paniai, West Papua a group of 12 and 13 year old boys were beaten by the Indonesian military after complaining that a military truck was being driven without headlights.

The local community protested and the military opened fire open the protest, killing between 5 and 13 people (including children) and injuring at least 21.

Those known to have been killed are Habakuk Degei, Neles Gobai, Bertus Gobai, Apinus Gobai and Saday Yeimo. 22 others were injured.

We understand that this image is graphic but we show it so that the world can really see what is happening in West Papua.

The Indonesian government is trying stop news from West Papua getting to the outside world and bans foreign journalists from reporting from West Papua.

More information and many other photos can be found in the following links. Please keep the West Papuan people in your hearts in their long struggle for the restoration of their independence.

Report from the Age, in Australia.

West Papuan Warriors

Seminole Tribe Fights Florida Power Company to Save Panther

Warrior Publications

Panther florida 1Indian Country Today, Nov 6, 2014

First it was oil companies eyeing fracking potential in the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and now it’s the Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), which is pondering a new power plant in prime habitat for the endangered animal.

The power company owns a total of 7,801 acres, according to The Palm Beach Post.  The Seminole tribe is in court fighting the FPL’s attempts to build a plant on this land, which is just north of the tribe’s Big Cypress Reservation. The tribe sued the FPL and Hendry County in 2011, after 3,109 acres were rezoned to allow the plant, which would be powered by natural gas, the newspaper said. The matter has been in contention ever since, part of a malpractice lawsuit against one of the state’s largest law firms related to the deal, The Palm Beach Post reported.

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