Bad Cop No Donut

Bad Cop No Donut

In 2016 Operation Apsley revealed a group of police were using drugs regularly in their social lives – including one who used cocaine ‘most days’ for four months last year.

They were also caught trafficking drugs, (because they have easy access to them)

Victoria police ‘caught using and trafficking meth and ecstasy – as two officers joke over texts about going to work after a cocaine bender’

The anti corruption commission found

There are systemic deficiencies in Victoria Police’s illicit drug prevention and detection,

Do you see what is wrong with that??? The people who are meant to be preventing drug use in the community can’t ‘police’ it in their own community.

A Baltimore police officer has testified at an anti corruption hearing that officers were instructed to carry fake guns so they could plant them on a body if they ever shoot someone.

It’s unknown if this tactic was ever used but when an officer was arrested last year a replica gun was found in his possession.

But the BB gun testimony is particularly disturbing in light of 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s death in 2014, the 13-year-old in Baltimore who was shot twice by cops in 2016 after he allegedly sprinted from them with a replica gun in his hand, and the 86 people fatally shot by police in 2015 and 2016 who were spotted carrying toy guns.

In what has been called “Baltimore’s biggest police corruption scandal in memory.” Prosecutors say the squad, which was tasked with getting illegal guns off the streets, abused its power by robbing suspects and innocent people, raiding homes without warrants, and selling confiscated drugs, among other crimes.

A RCMP supervisor who appeared to simulate fellatio on an eggplant while at work and who allegedly texted questionable comments about black policemen and the Black Lives Matter movement is being investigated for his conduct.

CBC News has confirmed that the RCMP has launched a code of conduct investigation into Cpl. Dave Duplissie, which was triggered when a probationary constable under his supervision was fired.

Jesse Anderson says he complained to the RCMP about his difficulties with Duplissie and sent them a screengrab of the eggplant incident and screengrabs of text conversations while the RCMP was considering his dismissal. He later shared the images with CBC News.

Two years after they said they didn’t, Toronto police admit they use Stingray cellphone snooping device

Documents that took more than two years to obtain show that Toronto police have used an IMSI catcher, also known as a Stingray, in investigations ranging from a major drug and gun case to a bank robbery.

IMSI catchers capture identifying data from all mobile devices being used in a given location — including, in the context of a police investigation, the data of innocent citizens in the vicinity of the target.

In December 2015, a Toronto police spokesperson told the Star: “We do not use the Stingray technology and do not have one of the units.”

An IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) catcher, also known as a mobile device identifier, is a controversial tool because it is indiscriminate in whose mobile device is affected. The technology essentially mimics a cellphone tower, tricking all phones within a particular range to go through it.

Claudio Locatelli – fighter with the YPG Kurdish forces in Rojava

Claudio Locatelli – fighter with the YPG Kurdish forces in Rojava

Claudio is an Italian journalist and media activist.

After working in the Middle East he decided to return and join the People’s Protection Unit (YPG) fighting in Rojava against ISIS and others.

Also to help the revolution which is building a new autonomous region.

Claudio has returned to Italy where he is speaking to us from his home town.

In this interview I wanted to ask some basic questions about why he decided to go to Rojava, and how his experience has informed his politics back home in Italy.

Some international fighters who fight in Rojava are under threat from their own governments when they return home. Claudio and I speak about this issue and the political motivations behind it.

As the story of Rojava has captured the hearts and minds of many drawing some to consider joining the Kurdish struggle, I asked Claudio what his advice would be to anyone thinking of travelling to Syria.

I am closely connected with some Iranian Kurds in Brisbane. In my experience most of them do not share the revolutionary goals of Rojava, such as the issue of gender. I discussed this with Claudio and he feels it important to add this comment.

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Rojava: We Promise the Mothers of our Martyrs from US, Brittany & Spain – Afrin Will Not Fall & We Will Defeat Turkish Fascism!

Insurrection News


Received on 27.02.18:

Your sons, like thousands of children of Kurdistan, were not afraid of Turkish fascism; nor are we. We have never and will never be. They were one of us. So in the name of pomegranates of Manbij and olive trees of Afrin, we will avenge them.

All that is dishonorable and dastardly has been concentrated in our rotten enemy. Yes, our enemy is rotten to the core and is disassociated from all that is human through a warped chauvinism. We will defend honour and dignity of being a human. That means we fight for freedom. We refuse a life if we are not able to breath, to think, to walk, to speak, and to act freely. Because our air is blessed. Our mind is as clear as our sky. Our land is sacred. Our courage is like our mountains; magnificent and invincible. Our language…

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Unite the Struggle

Unite the Struggle


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In this program we are lucky enough to be able to speak with Combat Wombat’s Izzy Brown live and direct from Melbourne.

Izzy always has some incredible projects underway or planned.

Last time we spoke to her she was turning her ambitious refugee music project United Struggle into a musical.

She tells us all about the production and a planned tour plus the latest news about the West Papua Campaign and another amazing Freedom Flotilla joining the struggles between aborigines in Australia and the West Papuans.

Also another part of the interview Linda did with Jasmina Brankovich last week about Men’s Rights Activists and an anarchist perspective on gender issues.

The family court  where many couples with children end up after their relationship ends is a major focus of MRAs so they talk a little about this. And more analysis of MRAs.

We play some shit hot new and not so new music as well.

AXIS OF AWESOME                                                                        Election Rap

HUGO THE POET                                                                            Go Postal

UNITED STRUGGLE PROJECT                                                     Bow Down No Way

SOLE                                                                                        Life is ILL

SERENITY FT KEL                                                                            Trouble




Who’s Rights?

Who’s Rights?

Linda’s friend started debating with her the issue of Men’s Right Activism after seeing a controversial film about the issue and being swayed by the arguments.

So she decided it was a good time to interview an anarchist about the issues. Activist, academic and anarchist Jasmina Brankovich offers her views.

With January 26 being Australia Day we play plenty of indigenous music.

Related is the issue of race which is a social construct used to divide and conquer. We play’s discussion on the issue which is part of their A is for Anarchy series.

What is Race? A look at the historical development of race, both as an enduring system of codified power relations and a central pillar for the creation and maintenance of state power.

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TISM…………………………………………… Australian National Anthem
A.B ORIGINAL……………………………………………….. January 26
SKY HIGH…………………………………………………………….  Secret Track
SOLE……………………………………………………………. All your Base Belong to us
COLLEGE BINARY…………………………………………… Straya Day
NFORS + IZZY…………………………………………………………  Voice for the Broken
SOLE……………………………………………………………………..  Nothing Lasts Forever


Fuck the Regimes, Tear Down the Borders

In this show we ‘travel’ to Greece and Iran where people are suffering because of their political situation and borders.

In fact we are almost talking about the cause of refugees and the effects, what happens when you have to leave your country because of political turmoil and war.

We play an interview with ‘Amin’ a refugee in the Moria camp on the Greek Island of Lesvos. This interview was done by Riot Turtle our correspondent who spent some time in Greece finding out about refugee issues (and more). Riot Turtle is from  Also mentioned as a way people are helping refugees is the Cars of Hope collective.

Over to Iran where the New Year saw mass protests around the country. The interview in this show was from a few weeks ago, now the number of people arrested is said to be 8000 and 50 are dead.

Linda interviewed Hafez Rahimi a Kurdish Iranian anarchist now living in England. He is from a group that has a number of social media sites.

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