“Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina. V. A. G. I. N. A.

I don’t like using the euphemism pussy. It’s a vagina. Keep it real.

Men will say cunt but they can’t say vagina. A vagina is strong. Men are weak around vaginas.
Fuck you cunt I have a vagina.”

(Caveat: I’m not going into the whole discussion about vagina vs vulva for this argument I’m just using vagina vs pussy as the general terms)
This is something that had been circulating in my head for some time. Building up like a tumour that eventually burst out.


A lot is being said about reclaiming the word pussy. In my opinion there’s nothing to reclaim.

Well maybe a bit. It is used as a pejorative sometimes as in ‘you’re a pussy‘ ‘don’t be a pussy‘ meaning someone is weak but we can probably all agree that vaginas – or pussys for this argument – are not weak.

Some say the word when actually used to describe the female genitalia is offensive but to me and seemingly lots of people it’s used like a euphemism, to say vagina is too descriptive. Too real. Outré.

Like when people say ‘I slept with so and so’ when they really mean I had sex with them. Just fucking say it. Everyone knows what you’re saying.

Donald Trump‘s famous (infamous?) grab em by the pussy remark lead the word out into the open and onto the front page of The New York Times.

Half a million women marched in Washington wearing what is meant to be a vagina beanie but looks more like a cervix to me.

Besides this vagina head gear is great but let’s call it wearing a vagina on ones head not a pussy like when your cat tries to suffocate you. I’m all for a vagina hat that is anatomically correct.

The etymology of pussy brings up a few theories as to its origin, the Norse word puss meaning pouch, the obvious feline connotation and others. It’s also seen as a term of endearment in 19th century literature.

Four and a half years ago Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina: A Biography was published. From the reviews I’ve read it seems to be more focused on the private realm of the vagina.

One year ago she wrote the introduction to another book about women’s reproductive organs, this one called Wolf Whistle Politics: The Resurgence of Misogyny in America Today.

This book is a collection of writings by journalists and feminists about the current sexism in politics which seems to have taken a time warp back to centuries past. And battles many women thought were dead and buried.

An abstract from the introduction published in The New Republic includes a reminder that although Ireland just voted to overturn anti-abortion laws Trump signed an executive order banning foreign aid to countries that offer abortion counselling.

When men say pussy to me they are referring to the area and do not mean it offensively it’s just the slag word.

Many men from a non-English speaking backgrounds I’ve met don’t actually know the word and hearing them try to pronounce it is hilarious.

Pussy takes away the power of the vagina and cunt is a great word but doesn’t actually describe the object. Although reclaiming it is a must.

As far as being confronting to men and ‘the patriarchyvagina nails it on the head.

And there’s all these other words –

  • Cooter
  • Clam
  • Beaver
  • Cooze
  • Vajayjay
  • Muff
  • C.U. Next Tuesday
  • Trim
  • Pussy
  • Snatch
  • Fanny
  • Box

Equally as stupid. But used because apparently men don’t know what to say to their partners when referring to their vagina. And some women think using the proper term will kill the sexy mood.

But I say if you can’t say vagina you shouldn’t get to stick your dick into one.
Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina. Don’t be a pussy just say vagina.

And while I’m at it don’t be a dick just say penis. Penis, penis, penis.

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