This weeks Subversion is featuring an interview with a representative from Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs.

The (blood) sport of foxing hunting is not as well known in Australia as it is in the United Kingdom. The number of hunt clubs in Australia may surprise you.

The Stimulator is back with another sedition of The Fucking News this time focusing on antifa actions in so-called North America which have seen the true identity of well known fascists revealed.

The stories featured in Bad Cop No Donut are posted here.

Download from Radio4all


NITORIS                                                                                          All Our Loving

ATOM TM                                                                                                   Insulting the DJ

CHUMBAWAMBA                                                                     Farewell to the Crown

PALEOWOLF                                                                                                      Hunter

THE CASSINGLES                                                                             Lady Macbeth

MICROPLATFORM                                                                Think Globally Act Locally

DECIDE TODAY                                                                                    Don’t talk to Cops

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