Bad Cop No Donut 22/05/2018

Saatchi Art Artist Matt Denison; Painting, “Bad Cop, No Donu
Saatchi Art Artist Matt Denison; Painting, “Bad Cop, No Donut

Newly released body camera footage is reigniting police brutality claims where a Fort Collins Police officer is seen body slamming a female Colorado State University student.

Officer Randall Klamser is  recorded throwing 22-year-old Michaella Surat face first into the pavement during the investigation of a bar fight.

Klamser says Surat can leave the scene, but when she turns around, he grabs her Surat repeatedly asks what she had done wrong Klamser without answering threatens to throw her to the ground.

Seconds later the officer throw Surat to the ground.

She is the one accused of assault however with Klamser stating in an affidavit she attempted to choke him.

Larimer County prosecutors dropped assault charges, but are still charging her with resisting arrest.

Klamser was placed on administrative leave, but was eventually cleared by the department of wrongdoing and is now on active service.

Surat’s resisting arrest trail is scheduled for August and a civil rights complaint is expected to be lodged.

An indigenous man died in custody in Western Australia early this month.

The 19-year-old inmate at West Kimberley Regional Prison last week reportedly collapsed suddenly at 4.45pm on Thursday May three.

On the way to hospital paramedics provided CPR but the man died in hospital at 5.26pm.


The Welcome to Country website has posted an article stating the death was only given media coverage in one article on ABC Local Kimberly.

In the article ‘Media silence after 19 yo Aboriginal man drops dead in remote W.A prison‘ Welcome to Country states the lack of attention towards cases like this can also be seen as a wider attempt to devalue the lives of all Aboriginal people.

They say answers are needed as to how this death happened.

‘Was violence involved? Was it due to overcrowding, overheating or neglect of prisoner welfare?’

Four Victoria Police officers have been suspended on full pay, and one assigned to ‘alternative duties’ over three separate incidents of violence which were captured on CCTV.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, head of Professional Standards Command, has ordered the suspension of three officers over the first incident.

In the Melbourne suburb of Preston, a disabled pensioner known as ‘John’ can be seen being forced out of his home by the officers.

He is then sprayed in the face with capsicum spray, and pinned down on the ground by 6 officers, and one officer can be seen hitting the man repeatedly on the legs with a baton.

The incident was captured on the victims CCTV footage in October 2017.

In a second incident, which occurred at a chemist in the same suburb in 2016, one officer has been suspended after footage was captured on the store’s CCTV camera.

A man had entered the chemist intending to rob the store, before police arrive.

The footage shows the man being repeatedly punched, hit with a baton, kicked, and stomped on by an officer.

A fifth officer has been assigned to ‘alternative duties’ over an incident that occurred in Bendigo in 2015.

23-year-old Indigenous man Jia Meeks was arrested for being ‘drunk and disorderly’. After refusing a photograph, Mr Meeks was thrown head first into a metal door by an officer.

Victoria Police say these are interim actions only whilst all three incidents are being investigated by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

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