Subversion Podcast: Namaste Bitch

The title of this show comes from an article about Louise Hay and the affect of her new age woo on those infected with AIDS at the height of the crisis on the 1980s.

Linda wrote an article about Louise Hay last week and you can hear that during the show.

The brutality of police is addressed once more in Bad Cop No Donut. We also discuss some anarchist film forums happening in Brisbane.

Check out the killer music we played below.

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SUPER RAELENE BROS    …………………………………… Wiya

MONKEY MARC     ………………………..     Emergency 

STAR CAPTAINS                           …………………………..        Lightwork

GERALD KEANEY AND THE GERALD KEANEYS          ……………..            No Guru

PENNY DREADFULS                          …………………….          Straight to the Golden Arches

HAPPYHAPPY                             ………………………..                      We alll learn how to Swim
Bad Cop No Donut

Qld police officer jailed for fatally punching baby son yet to be sacked – ABC News

A police officer who has been jailed for killing his baby son with a single punch is still a serving member of the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Colin David Randall was suspended when he was charged two years ago but cannot be discharged or dismissed from the QPS until a formal process takes place.

The Queensland Police Union (QPU) said it regarded Randall’s offence as the “most serious of crimes” and it would not be representing him in any proceedings.

But union spokesman Ian Leavers defended the process to discharge an officer, saying criminal proceedings must be dealt with before employment could be terminated.

“It’s just the way natural justice has to be done,” Mr Leavers said.

“This is the most serious of crimes, it has been dealt with by the court and Mr Randall has not been represented by the QPU.

“I have no doubt the Queensland Police Service will act very swiftly.”
Randall was sentenced to nine years in jail on Friday. He cannot apply for parole until he has served five years.
Randall “forcefully punched the defenceless 10-week-old” so hard it caused fatal abdominal injuries, in an attack at the family home at Victoria Point on Brisbane’s bayside in 2014.

Justice Peter Davis said Randall lied for four years about what happened, claiming the injuries were the result of CPR.

The Australian Federal Police will be able to ask anyone for ID and eject them from the airport as part of a 2018 budget announcement that will also see the introduction of advanced X-ray and body scanning machines across the country.
Malcolm Turnbull said the new powers were necessary for “dangerous times”, and that the terror attacks in Indonesia in recent days were a reminder that the threat still existed.
Under existing laws, police can only demand ID if they have reasonable grounds to suspect someone is involved in criminal activity.
Peter Dutton said the fact that “There’s certain conditions that need to be met at the moment before police can ask for that identification… is an absurdity. So we’re addressing an anomaly and a deficiency in the law.”
The new rules are indicative of a “slow march of authoritarianism” that must be resisted. “Demanding people produce documents on the spot is a hallmark of police states.”
“Random ID checks risk damaging social cohesion and increasing the risk of extremism in some communities while offering no clear benefits. Right now are there people with beards and dark skin concerned they’re going to be targeted to show identification at the airport,” Dr Coyne said.

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