This interview with Ezel Anirshik who is fighting with the Kurdish forces in Rojava Syria, was conducted and translated by Hafez Rahimi and recreated in English with the help of some friends.

Can you tell me your name and where are you from?

My name is Ezel and I’m from Amed which is north of Kurdistan. But for some political reasons I moved to Italy 16 years ago.

Can I ask you what were the reasons if you don’t mind?

Yes, sure. I’ve been arrested by Turkish police three times. First time I was just 13 years old when I spent six month in the jail.  After three years I was arrested again but for one more year. Third time the court decided about my imprisonment. So I runaway to Italy.

How long have you been living in Rojava?

The last five years.

I’ve heard Afrin is defeat is it right? Or would you like to say something different? What is the correct situation in Afrin?

We never accept that Afrin was defeated but my angle of view is completely different. Afrin did very well.

I mean in fact the second biggest army of NATO had said they defeat Afrin in 24 hours and it’s happened after two months by using plenty of weapon including jihadist forces. Some of our friends are still fighting and as you know the YPJ has said we are not leaving Afrin, we have just changed the war method for avoiding the genocide of people.

The YPJ helps people in leaving of the city so how we can say this is defeat.

What makes wars different between war in Afrin and others which are happening all over the world?

In Afrin actually exist heavy war. The war is between two forces. The first one represents evil and darkness. The second one represents good. It’s between the leaders of all countries which been supporting Erdogan and his regime against activities of people living in this autonomic territory –  anarchists, communisms, feminists and etc. So this is kind of World War III.

Why people say the Rojava revolution is the women’s revolution?

That’s right actually. Women in Rojava have a different laws than women in others part of country.  For example they are allowed to have only one husband [men are allowed only one wife] and they [the women] are having education.

By the way we have a village in here called Warejena which is a place where women teach women. It’s been only for women and some NGO.

So yes, one of the characteristic is revolution for woman but it is not just for them, the revolution was triggered for more reasons than we think.

In your speech you has mentioned international forces. What do you mean exactly which forces?

Let me explain you why the communist people came to Rojava as well like feminist, anarchists, people from this territory and others. All of them came because of Rojava.

It’s caused by their hearts; by humility to nature, animals and love for freedom which is hidden in every single human.

And these our friends with a big heart are fighting together against the Turkish state, even when they have a different ideology and perspective.

Can you tell me about feelings of women in the revolution?

I think the women have a good perceive about revolution. That’s right, the revolution is for women so don’t forget for their support came forces to Rojava. I think Rojava is land for all of them.

What can people do for any help in this revolution?

This is a good question. All people who have feeling of similar human values don’t be shy and join us. If you can’t go make a protest in your hometown everywhere in front of the council, in front of the Turkish Embassy and join that protests everyday, don’t give up until we win.

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