On this weeks show we hear from Spanish anarchists about the Catalan independence struggle. Do they support it and why.

These interviews came courtesy of  René Schuijlenburg from enoughisenough14.org.

The first one is with two comrades Jordi and Maria (both names changed) of the Oca Gracia collective in Barcelona. Second a comrade from Negress Tempestes and the third with Aitor from Embat.

Also Bad Cop No Donut and news from Australia’s refugee detention hellhole on Manus Island PNG.

Listen Online

Download from Radio4all 


Combat Wombat – Babylon Time Bomb info
Spanish Revolutionary Song – Viva La Revolucion info
Sin Dios – Alerta Antifascista info
Spainish Revolutionary Song – Ay Camela info
Farhad Bandesh – Flee From War



Read the full transcript of the Oca Gracia interview here.

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