Quiet Revolutions

Quiet Revolutions

What a fun week it was. Homophobes falling off stages, teenage scooter gangs and boat arrivals that don’t.

On this show we also hear from Alan Ward’s A Brief Introduction to Anarchism with Jepanarchy at the end to test your knowledge. Bad Cop No Donut and refugee news.





Watch homophobes fall off stage at a same sex marriage debate here.


Teenage scooter gang takes over Brisbane CBD.

Police in New York City accused of violently sexually assaulting and raping a teenager in custody claim she consented to sex.

The woman under the pseudonym Anna Chalmers was in a car which was pulled over and searched for drugs. 2 detectives Richard Hall and Edward Martins allegedly found drugs but only detained Anna, not her two male friends.

Taken away in a van Anna was allegedly forced to perform oral sex and was raped before being dumped by the road.

A DNA rape kit tested positive for the officers’ DNA on Chalmers.

Both officers have been suspended and will go before a grand jury.


Astro Labe who became a cult hero after head butting former Prime Minister and all round nob Tony Abbott faced court on Monday.

He appeared at Hobart’s magistrates court, didn’t enter a plea and had his bail continued.

The charge has now been amended to causing harm to a Commonwealth public official, a federal charge which if heard in the Supreme Court would see Mr Labe face up to 10 years in jail. Many Australian voters would rather he was given 10 years free beer for this act of defiance.

The case will return to court on January 18.


Two noteworthy things happened during the Senate Estimates hearing. One was Immigration and Border Protection chief Mike Pezzullo making a joke about ‘torture’ when being questioned by Senator McKim about the situation for refugees on Manus the second was reminiscent of the BBC tv series Yes Minister.

Labour Senator Kim Carr in Senate Estimates questioning ABF personnel.

“Peter Dutton has stated we haven’t had a successful boat arrival in now over 1100 days.
KC: Did a boat arrive on Sabo Island on the 20 August?

ABF: Yes.

KC: And did it involve six Chinese nationals?

ABF: Yes.

KC: And was there a New Guinean people smuggler involved?

ABF: There was a New Guinean on board, yes.

KC: Why is that not arrival in Australia?

ABF: It’s not an arrival under the scope of Operation Sovereign Borders.

KC: Oh, I see. So, I want to be clear. Just so that we understand what 1,000 days means, it doesn’t mean Chinese, it doesn’t mean east coast?

ABF: We get illegal arrivals all the time and have for years, as you know.
The reason OSB was set up was not to deal with Papua New Guinea. As I articulated, it was to do with people arriving on the high seas, primarily out of Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Sometimes when a boat arrives, it actually doesn’t. It depends on where it comes from.

KC: Good to talk to you. Thank you.

Canstruct a Brisbane based civil engineering firm and Liberal party donor have been named as the successful tender to take over delivery of services to refugees on Nauru.

As of the time of writing they had not signed a contract.

Broadspectrum – previously Transfield – opted not the renew their contract which finishes at the end of the month. Actually when they were taken over by Spanish company Ferrovial they were keen to withdraw earlier but the govt extended the contract.

A strong No Business in Abuse and divestment campaign was a factor.

This is ridiculous and arbitrary and mean and degrading.

Refugees on bridging visas will now have to ask the government’s permission to get a pet.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald  the department declined to clarify whether goldfish, guinea pigs or birds were included in the crackdown, or whether it would apply retrospectively, forcing asylum seekers to obtain permission for pets they already own.

Neither would the department provide a list of criteria for assessing whether an asylum seeker should be allowed to buy a pet.

A Brief Introduction to Anarchism

Q – The revolutionary alternative to the status quo today is not collectivised property administered by a ‘workers’ state’ whatever that means, but some kind of anarchist decentralisation that will break up mass society into small communities where individuals can live together as variegated human beings instead of as impersonal units in the mass sum. The shallowness of the New Deal and the British Labour Party’s post-war regime is shown by their failure to improve any of the important things in people’s lives – the actual
relationships on the job, the way they spend their leisure, and child- rearing and sex and art. It is mass living that vitiates all these today, and the State that holds together the status quo. Marxism glorifies ‘the masses’ and endorses the State. Anarchism leads back to the individual and the community, which is ‘impractical’ but necessary – that is to say, it is revolutionary

A – What was journalist Dwight McDonald’s most quoted paragraph?

Q – First, by asserting herself as a personality, and not a sex commodity.
Second, by refusing the right to anyone over her body; by refusing to bear children, unless she wants them; by refusing to be a servant to God, the State, society, the husband, the family etc., by making her life simpler, but deeper and richer. That is, by trying to learn the meaning and substance of life in all its complexities, by freeing herself from the fear of public opinion and public condemnation.
Only that, and not the ballot, will set women free . . .

A – Emma Goldman The Tragedy of Women’s Emancipation


Department of Anarchism

Department of Anarchism

In solidarity with The Juice Media who have been threatened – by the Australia Government  – with legal action over their Honest Government Aderts, we’ve created the Australia Department of Anarchism.

Although this is a fictitious department we could still be jailed for five years if the proposed changes to the Commonwealth Criminal Code are passed.

Have a listen to the show to find out more, plus Franklin Lopez talking about fascism. And Bad Cop No Donut, and the return of Jepanarchy!!!





Bad Cop No Donut

4ZZZ News – The South Australian Opposition said in August they would install shoot-to-kill powers in the event of a terror threat if they won Government in the March election, however the Police Association says there will be no support of any such laws unless there was full criminal and civil immunity.

The union will meet today for the annual delegate conference, with an expected announcement regarding the shoot to kill laws in the coming weeks.

Complaints made against Corrective Services

The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) made a series of complaints, to the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), about the behaviour of staff towards Islamic inmates at the Arthur Gorrie correctional centre (AGCC).

The council’s appeal for action was unsuccessful, according to a QCS spokesperson, on the grounds that no further evidence was provided to substantiate the claims.

The GEO Group, who privately owns the AGCC, is aware QCS has received complaints directly from the ICQ which were investigated by QCS.

Footage has emerged from Adelaide of an Aboriginal man being strip searched by police in public.

When the police realised someone was filming the incident they moved into the neighbouring house without consulting the home owners.

Activists blockading a US immigration building in Portland using ‘Sleeping Dragon’ lock-ons, had hoods and ear muffs placed on them.

The police say this was to protect them from power tools used to break apart the Sleeping Dragon.

When presented with the fact there were no power tools, the police still insisted it was for protesters safety.


Fat Cop

It’s been a long time since we caught up with our favorite Puerto Rican Montreal based anarchist Franklin Lopéz. Since 2007 we’ve been playing him stuff and working with him so it was about time we got him on the show. We talk about his trip to Puerto Rico (he’s now there) and what the future holds for Sub.Media.

As always we report on police violence and misconduct with BAD COP NO DONUT and we have our #antifa report with the help of Queen Antyfa.

Since a lot of the world is unaware of Australia’s harsh treatment of refugees again we broadcast the voice of a refugee in the Manus Island detention center and give a round up of what’s happening.




Franklin López launched  subMedia.tv in 2000. More than a website, subMedia.tv is an independent video production ensemble that aims to crank out anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial films and agit-prop. The first anarchist film they made debuted in 2004, it’s called Join the Revolution Fall in Love.

In 2007 Franklin started making a It’s the End of the World as we Know it and I feel Fine regularly and I came across it randomly and contacted him about playing it on the radio. We’ve been in touch since then, he came to Australia in 2012 and we toured with his film END:CIV.

So some changes have been happening in submedia, which is why I contacted Franklin for an interview. But then he went to Puerto Rico or so we thought…….

Bad Cop No Donut


A video which was posted on Facebook last week shows police assaulting a number of Aboriginal people in the small Queensland town of Murgon.

An elderly officer violently grabs one woman and in the events that followed crash tackled a school girl.

The school girl was trying to give him back a key he had dropped.

The officer was later seen sobbing in his car and many say he should leave the force or be force to leave.

The ethical standards command are investigating, but we all know these things don’t lead to much action.

Dozens of men, including several foreigners, have been arrested in a raid of a gay sauna in Indonesia’s capital, police say.

Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said the raid in downtown Jakarta on Friday (local time) would lead to seven people being charged under Indonesia’s pornography law, including the sauna’s owner and staffers.

They face penalties of up to 10 years in prison and fines.

Mr Yuwono said the other 51 men would be released if they were found to not be criminals or carrying drugs.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia except in Aceh province, but the country’s LGBT community has come under siege recently.

Police have set up a special task force to investigate activities by gay people and a case before the country’s top court is seeking to criminalise homosexual sex.

Anti-police brutality groups in Utah are livid after a prosecutor this week determined police were legally justified in a fatal shooting of a black man in August that was captured on body camera video released this week.

While one video appears to show the victim, Patrick Harmon, 50, shot from behind as he ran from police, a slowed-down version shows he pivoted toward officers with a knife, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said Friday.

Officer Clinton Fox told investigators Harmon threatened to stab him before he fired the fatal shots. Body camera video shows Fox shot Harmon at close range after Fox yells, “I’ll f….ing shoot you.”

Lex Scott, an organizer with Black Lives Matter in Utah, said the community is livid over the footage and wants the district attorney to resign. The Harmon family, which lives in Colorado and St. Louis, is “shell shocked,” Scott said.

“You can’t watch that video and not realize it is a clear case of murder,” Scott said. “It is one of the clearest cases of murder we’ve ever seen.”

Pro tip – familiarise yourself with the law in your area.

Police Powers – Your Rights

A guide to your rights when dealing with police. made by the Caxton Legal Centre in Brisbane where we are based.

Queen Antyfa

The SSM debacle has given far right fuckwits across Australia the opportunity to express how much they hate bumming & love Jesus. A lot of yapping from within their far right fuckwit echo chambers but some found the courage to face public humiliation & tbh who else does public humiliation like those merry hateful pranksters the Party For Freedom? And humiliated they’ve been, holding “rallies” in support of the NO campaign that have come close to attracting double figures. Nowhere near the heady numbers that their fearless leader Folkesy gets when he stands for election (I think he got 36 votes last time).

The kidlets of Antipodean Resistance with their cute “we’re the Hitler’s you’ve been waiting for” have been consistently busy of late putting stickers & posters blaming their lack of friends on Jews, Poofs & Muslims around university campuses around Australia. They’ve just done some stickering around Toowoomba as well which is fancy. I wonder if their parents are aware that their little Adolph is sneaking out at night?

Blair (my Dad loves me) Cottrell from the United Patriots Front (remember them? Mein Kampf & pictures of Hitler in every classroom) has been to Court again to appeal his recent conviction for being silly & conducting a mock beheading. He had no people there to support him boo hoo. Anyway you’d think he’d have fuck all chance of a successful appeal seeing as though the sausage had the whole stunt filmed but hey, when your popularity starts plummeting after getting booted by Facebook you’ve gotta start playing the martyr card. Afterall it can’t be much fun when you’re 28 & Dad has to tell people to stop picking on you.

QUT has it’s very own Nazi!! Woohoo! David Hilton a former history teacher has decided to go back to uni & is currently a PhD candidate. David is behind a whole bunch of Neo-Nazi batshit crazy stuff including YouTube channels & the Austranati website & others using a variety of aliases. QUT have been non responsive to communication from Anti-Fascists & concerned QUT students & David remains at this point still a candidate. Fear not though my fine Comrades, the chances of David teaching again or becoming an academic would be next to fuck all I’d think in light of these revelations. It’s worth noting that David is not the first far right fuckwit to engage in academia. The OG of Australian fascism & Grand Poobah of Australia First Dr Jim Saleam got his PhD years ago & has gone on to… Well nothing really. Anyway…

In finishing up this half arsed insight as to what’s happening around the place I’d like to say Take care of each other & be kind to yourselves.

For details on the above & lots more head where all good Anti-Fascists head to for excellent information on Australia’s far right fuckwits Slackbastard who has a blog as well as Facebook & Twitter.

Stay tuned for news on some new kids on the block next week.

O/s Antifa (translated from Italian)


Direct action against a new info-shop of neo-fascist in Genova. some Antifa growing a block wall to close this place.

First action of Genova Antifascist and it was well attended.

The neofascist place is called “La Superba” and is directed by “Lealta’ e Azione” a former fascist party. They now supporting center/right party in the next Italian election.

Double Trouble Anarchist Short Documentaries

Double Trouble Anarchist Short Documentaries

Sub.Media has been working hard for the last six months producing 30 min documentaries about topical anarchist actions and issues.

We’ve got a lot to catch up on so we’re going for double Trouble. After the films a short discussion with a focus on how the issues raised can be put to action in our local community.

Killing the Black Snake: Behind the Scenes of the #NODAPL Struggle

The first episode of Trouble, looks beyond the mainstream narratives surrounding the Standing Rock encampment to get a better understanding of some of the camp’s overlooked dynamics, including serious disagreements over which tactics to use to best stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Reactionary right-wing politics are on the rise in the west, and events are moving at a dangerous pace. In the wake of Trump’s ascendancy to the US presidency, a toxic mix of white nationalism, Islamophobia, trans-phobia, violent misogyny, and anti-migrant hysteria is rapidly coalescing into a growing movement that has in turn sparked a surge of interest in anti-fascist organizing. Battle lines are being drawn, and street clashes are escalating. In this month’s episode of Trouble, anarchist media collective subMedia interviews a number of individuals from the US, Canada and the UK in order to get a better understanding of just what it is that we’re up against, what a viable strategy for confronting this threat might look like, what steps we can take in order to mount an effective response, and how this all fits into our efforts to build a revolutionary movement against capitalism and the state.




This week is a massive show full of anarchist news from around the world. We also play some great songs some new and some classics.

This program is real. We are real, our news, information and discussion is all real. The beats we play are real as well.

(see below for more information about the content of the show)



Spinifax Gum – Locled Up info
Tu P – Good thing Come info
NWA – Fuck Da Police info
MIA – Borders info
Chumbawamba – Give the Anarchist a Cigerette info


Franklin Lopez sub.media has gone to Puerto Rico where he is from to help his family and the community clean up after Hurricane Maria

In Puerto Rico, a humanitarian catastrophe continues to unfold 12 days after Hurricane Maria struck the island. Over the weekend, the Pentagon said the percentage of Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million residents without access to clean drinking water rose to 55 percent. Only 5 percent of the island has electricity, while food and fuel remain scarce and about half of the island’s roads are impassable.

DONAL TRUMP: (Puerto Rico) is an island and it is surrounded by water, BIG water, ocean water.

Technically Puerto Rico is not surrounded by ocean water, but is touched by ocean water in the north (the Atlantic) and sea water (the Caribbean) in the south.

Franklin is encouraging people to donate to and assist grassroots humanitarian orgs Taller Salud is one http://www.tallersalud.com and Casa Taller Cangrejera http://agitarte.info/

Bad Cop No Donut

Ten months after a coronial inquiry recommended an end to the practice a woman in Western Australia has been jailed for 14 days in loo of paying $3900 in unpaid fines.

The fines date back to a dispute over an unregistered dog in 2012 and police arrested the woman after being called to the house regarding a domestic violence incident.

Meanwhile her children are being cared for by an aunt in their home where the power has been cut.

The case mirrors the case of Miss Dhu an Aboriginal woman who died after three days in custody. Police had been called to her house because her partner was suspected to be breaching a family violence order.

Instead they did a background check on Miss Dhu and found $3622 in unpaid fines.

In Spain, more than 800 people were injured Sunday after Spanish police stormed polling stations across the country’s Catalonia region and tried to forcibly prevent people from voting in a Catalan independence referendum, firing tear gas and physically attacking prospective voters.

The Spanish government says the referendum is illegal. Ahead of Sunday’s vote, Spanish police seized control of ballots and fliers, raided the Catalan regional government’s offices and even shut down pro-independence websites.

Late on Sunday night, the Catalan regional government said 90 percent of Catalan voters chose independence.

The leader of Catalonia insisted on Monday that Sunday’s independence referendum, though marred by clashes and rejected by the Spanish government, had earned his region the right to a separate state and that he would press ahead to make the vote binding. Spain rejects the referendum. Anarchists have been calling for a general strike.

Trouble 6 – Adapt and Destroy: Counterinsurgency and Social


Despite the unimaginable capacity for violence and coercion that they wield, states are far more vulnerable than they let on. This is not only true of the so-called “failed states” currently plagued by civil war and internal strife, but also the imperialist centers of global capitalism themselves. Their fatal weakness is built into their design; modern states are incredibly complicated and dynamic political constructions, yet at their core they remain what they have always been – vehicles of social organization aimed at facilitating the exploitation of the many, for the enrichment of the few. Without the active or passive consent of the many, the few are in serious trouble.