The Autonomous Action Radio team are back having morphed AnarchyShow into Subversion #1312.

Because we want to subvert the system and hate cops – ACAB (1312)

Let’s acknowledge first of all that this quiz we used for our test about what sort of anarchist are you is purely and simply a vehicle for market research on the behalf of evil multi-national corporations. Mark Tropicana suggested using this so we’ll blame him.

We take no notice of marketing anyway so us having used that quiz which was really quite ambiguous will have no actually real life ramifications.








#NoG20 #Hamburg Hates the Police

#NoG20 #Hamburg Hates the Police

Enough is Enough!

Press release #15 from 8 July 2017

On 7th July 2017 the G20 summit in Hamburg officially opened – the protests on the other hand had started long before. Although 15.000 police officers were present in the city already the deployment of further police forces was requested and approved. Nevertheless the police lost complete control over some parts of Hamburg during the night after opening day. Neither the use of more than 20 water cannons nor armed vehicles, neither the massive use of riot control agents nor physical assaults made it possible to regain control. Ultimately even heavily armed special riot control squads were patrolling in the streets.


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