Another Self immolation on Nauru, Protests Continue

Another refugee this time a Somali woman has self immolated on Nauru and it is feared she is brain dead.

Hodan was in RPC1 when she set herself on fire and is now being treated in the grossly inadequate Nauruan hospital.

She had attempted this act a few days ago but was stopped by onlookers. Another Iranian refugee was arrested after dousing himself with petrol on Saturday and was released on Sunday.

Hodan had just been returned from Brisbane where she was being treated for mental health issues and diabetes.

Last week three refugees from Nauru were flown back from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation.

The Refugee Action Coalition says the removals appeared to be a vindictive move by the Immigration Department to re-establish their authority following the PNG Supreme Court finding that Manus Island was unlawful.

This desperate act by Hodan basically proves she wasn’t fit to be returned to the harsh conditions on the tiny island.

The latest reports are that her condition is worse than Omid’s the man who took his life last week in a similar act. She is in a coma.

A crowd has gathered at the hospital in support.

Refugees are very agitated because of their situation, and this second self immolation is just adding to the situation on the tiny island which has reached boiling point.

Police are said to be arresting any refugee they see and there are 10 police cars at the hospital.

Locals are apparently ready to attack refugees and there are riot police ready to disperse any gathering.

Nauru hospital support


Conditions at Regional of Nauru Hospital

Despite the Australian Government claiming that conditions at the RON hospital are the same as in Australia photographic evidence proves they are not.





If you need help and support call Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.




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