Nauru: Another Refugee Attempts Suicide by Self Immolation

Police take the young man into custody

While refugees on Nauru are mourning the suicide death of Omid, another young man has attempted self immolation in RCP1.

Yesterday afternoon at 6pm Nauruan time the 20 year old known as Milad doused himself with petrol but was arrested before he could follow through with the act.

He is known to have mental health issues, as do many if not all of the refugees on the 22km square island, which is being used by Australia as a human dumping ground as part of its refugee policies

This is at least the sixth suicide attempt in the last week.

A Somali woman also attempted self immolation but she was also prevented from doing do by onlookers.

Instead of providing mental health care to those who attempt to take their own lives Nauru has charged some of them using an outdated law which makes attempting suicide illegal.

Authorities say this is to discourage others and ‘stamp out the offense‘.

Protest by refugees continue, today is day 43, the number of days the refugees have been on Nauru is now well over 1000.



Omid another tragedy cause by Aus refugee policies

Update on the protests by refugees at the Australian government’s detention crenter on Nauru

Australia is Seeking to Silence Manus Truths

If you need help call Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636







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