‘Omid’ another tragedy caused by Aus refugee policies


Omid the man who self immolated on Nauru 2 days ago has had his life support machine turned off.

He was flown to Brisbane yesterday over 24 hours after he set himself on fire in front of UN officials.

Peter Dutton has tried to justify the amount of time it took but many feel the flight was deliberately delayed or at least delayed through bureaucracy.

One thing Dutton was sure to mention when announcing the flight to Australia was that Omid would be returned to Nauru if he recovered.

This afternoon a friend said, “Now someone tell Peter Dutton there is no need for you to be worried about his [Omid’s] return to Nauru arrangements.”

Omid and his wife had been kept on Nauru for around three years as part of Australia’s offshore immigration detention policy.

At least five others on Nauru have attempted suicide/self harm with two men in jail for swallowing razors.

There have been protests by refugees detained in RCP3 for 40 days. These have been supported by those living in the community.

Other refugees have said they will begin protesting soon.

Friends and family of Omid are devastated many on Nauru have given up all hope.

“Dutton has saved lives in sea but he is killing people in offshore, Omid is big proof in front of you people, they made us crazy in offshore.”





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