Behrouz Boochani Ends Tree Protest on Manus

behrouz tree sit
Behrouz photographed last night

[Update: Behrouz has released a statement regarding his protest]

Prisoner in Australia’s offshore immigration detention system Behrouz Boochani has come down from the tree he had climbed to resist relocation which would see him on a path way to settlement in PNG.

In a unprecedented and illegal move PNG immigration advised Behrouz that he had received positive refugee status, despite him never having applied for refugee status in PNG.

This seems to be because of his high profile as a journalist and writer reporting from inside the tortuous camp on Manus Island.

After ending his protest he is still Foxtrot, the compound he has been in for 3 years.

He came down from the tree on the condition the ‘immigration boss’ meet with hm and he would not be moved.

Most of the others who refused to apply have been moved to a compound with men who have a negative refugee assessments.

Behrouz in an earlier statement says “I have never accepted their positive result. I want to show to all people that their process is fake. Where would you find an asylum seeker who would rather be in a ‘negative’ prison than be found to be a refugee? Only in Manus.”

Last night Behrouz sent Researchers Against Pacific Black Spots a statement:

“I arrived in Australia 3 years ago and asked Australia for asylum under international law. The Labor government of Australia exiled me to their prison camp in Manus Island PNG by force. I have been imprisoned here for almost 3 years and have been under a lot of pressure to fill in the protection application in PNG but I have constantly denied to do so. I did not arrive in PNG and did never give the PNG government my case for asylum. I have never wanted to resettle in this country.

This is part of my fight. I have worked hard and tirelessly during the last 3 years to send out Manus voice. I wrote lots of articles and pieces in my real name and fake name. I have worked hard with film-makers, fellow journalists, organisations and lawyers but now I want to send out Manus voice by my body. I don’t have any other way”.

Guardian Australia contacted the Australian Immigration Department they are reported as saying they are aware of the incident and local authorities were onsite “to ensure the ongoing safety and welfare of the individual concerned”.



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