Greece: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire statement for the April 20th court of appeal

Insurrection News

9mm“The distance that separates freedom from slavery…is boldness…”

On April 20, at Korydallos prison, begins the Court of Appeal of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

We’re on trial for the explosive device found at the house in Halandri (“Halandri” case), for the bombings at former Interior Minister P. Hinofotis ‘s house (he worked in the army during the years of the junta), of the ex-deputy and current president of the Bank of Greece L. Katseli and the bombing of the Macedonia-Thrace Ministry on the eve of the Thessaloniki International Fair.

We are also accused of sending parcel bombs to embassies, international police-judicial institutions (eurojust-europol), as well as to Chancellor Merkel, to the Prime Minister of Italy (at that time) and media mogul Berlusconi as well as racist ex-French President Sarkozy.

Finally, we’re on trial for aggravated gun possession and the confrontation with the cops in Pefki.

All these are…

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