Nauru: Day 27 of Protests Aussies Begin to Join In


Today marks the 27th day of protest by refugees on Nauru.

The protesters most of whom have been on the tiny Island nation in dreadful conditions for around 3 years have called on Australian to join in and some have.

Protesting for Nauru in Melbourne

Last week the protests which began on Palm Sunday (when protests were held around Australia for refugees) made the mainstream news for the first time after guards attacked women and children.

Below is a direct transcript of a letter written to Australian’s by the refugees asking for solidarity.

Hello Aussies:

We have sent this message to invite Australian good people to join us everyday at 6 o’clock on Nauru time only for 4 to 5 days, each day 3 to 5 minets and will correlation with us, of protesting and demanding justice.

So please help those seprated families to see each other again and help the children toget a better education, and most important help yourselfs by stoppng your goverment of wasting all of that money in Nauru and P.N.G.

Aussies, if you realy care for human right, you have to help us live in Australia, because we are suffering in Nauru, Nauru is not safe for us.

Aussies, our future is in your hands, we have done nothing wrong. We are people just like you, we want a home and a future too, and peace and safety too.

Best regards



In other news from Nauru a man has been charged with attempting suicide apparently to deter others from doing the same.

And another woman is seeking abortion after being raped on Nauru. This time the Australian government has sent her to PNG where abortion is illegal.

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