Guards Attacking Protesting Refugees on Nauru


For 18 days refugees awaiting their visa outcome have been protesting on Nauru.

Tonight it has been reported by refugee advocates and the refugees themselves that guards have begun beating people.

Update from rpc3;
A contact just said that Australian guards are out of the center behind the center.
They are waiting for orders from Canberra the person said.
Something bad will happen tonight.they have called Nauruan police.
Please tell the people in Australia we need help.

We are waiting for more news on this situation and will update when it emerges.
Fighting has broken out. Reports of officers hitting children as well as men and women. This began when seven boys who wrote a letter to Immigration expressing concerns and raising questions about their detention were called to the Border Force tent to receive an official reply. When the boys reacted angrily to the response they were given some officers came in and began hitting and kicking them. The fighting then spread to others in the camp, with reports of officers hitting out randomly and swearing at detainees. Many of the officers left the camp and the gates were locked.


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