Australia Is Seeking to Silence Manus Truths



[UPDATE – Behrouz says the meeting was cancelled, immigration is waiting for an important leeter from the minister about him]


Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites announced today the outspoken journalist and Manus Island detainee Behrouz Boochani is again being singled out by PNG Immigration.

Behrouz has written many forensic critiques of life within the concentraion camp, and of Australia’s immigration policies.

Despite having refused to make an application for asylum in PNG because he was forcibly taken there by the Australian government, he received a letter on April 18 staying he has been found to be a refugee.

Behrouz did not accept this finding and staged a tree top protest refusing to be moved into the compound with other positive refugees.

“I have never accepted their positive result. I want to show to all people that their process is fake. Where would you find an asylum seeker who would rather be in a ‘negative’ prison than be found to be a refugee? Only in Manus.”

Behrouz was later arrested and moved into Oscar compound with other ‘positive’ refugees.

He continues to write about the conditions in the camp and the mood of detainees, his words are especially after PNG’s Supreme Court ruled the Manus camp is illegal and must close.

This is set detainees on a roller coaster of emotions, happy about the ruling, but then despondent as they hear politicians making announcements which bear no sign of ending the cruelty they have endured.

Today his was told he will have a meeting at 4pm with PNG Immigration who, with orders from Australia, will discuss a third country settlement option.

Researchers Against Pacific Island Black Sites say,

Behrouz is being singled out so to shut him up and in order to BREAK THE VOICES OF MANUS.



‘Omid’ another tragedy caused by Aus refugee policies


Omid the man who self immolated on Nauru 2 days ago has had his life support machine turned off.

He was flown to Brisbane yesterday over 24 hours after he set himself on fire in front of UN officials.

Peter Dutton has tried to justify the amount of time it took but many feel the flight was deliberately delayed or at least delayed through bureaucracy.

One thing Dutton was sure to mention when announcing the flight to Australia was that Omid would be returned to Nauru if he recovered.

This afternoon a friend said, “Now someone tell Peter Dutton there is no need for you to be worried about his [Omid’s] return to Nauru arrangements.”

Omid and his wife had been kept on Nauru for around three years as part of Australia’s offshore immigration detention policy.

At least five others on Nauru have attempted suicide/self harm with two men in jail for swallowing razors.

There have been protests by refugees detained in RCP3 for 40 days. These have been supported by those living in the community.

Other refugees have said they will begin protesting soon.

Friends and family of Omid are devastated many on Nauru have given up all hope.

“Dutton has saved lives in sea but he is killing people in offshore, Omid is big proof in front of you people, they made us crazy in offshore.”





Update on the protests by refugees at the Australian government’s detention center on Nauru

 Iranian man Omid who self immolated is feared brain dead.

Update via Insurrection News 28.04.16: For 40 days now refugee families detained in the RPC3 compound at the Australian government’s offshore refugee detention center on Nauru have been staging daily protests against the conditions of their detention and to demand that they be granted asylum in Australia. On 14.04.16. the protesting refugees wrote an open letter to the people of Australia calling on them to take action and protest in solidarity with them. The response from people in Australia has been fairly muted – some small protests and solidarity actions by small but dedicated groups of refugee solidarity activists have taken place but nothing on a large scale as of yet. The fact that Australia’s mainstream media are pretty much ignoring the protests is also a huge problem that only adds to the refugee’s overall sense of isolation and abandonment.

In the past two weeks the situation has escalated dramatically on Nauru. On 19.04.16. an Iranian Kurd refugee was arrested and charged by Nauru police after he tried to self-immolate. The man was distraught due to the fact that his one year old child has become severely mentally ill due to the conditions at the detention center. On 27.04.16. detainee ‘QLN027’ began a hunger strike outside the RPC3 compound.

There have been 2 suicide attempts in the last day and tonight refugees on Nauru said 2 refugees have swallowed razor blades.

To say that the situation on Nauru is extremely grave is an understatement. 

Finally, we have received the following poem written by Navven Nave Ravi, a former Nauru detainee. The poem is a shocking insight into the psychological trauma that has been inflicted upon the Nauru detainees – people whose only ‘crime’ was to seek a better life away from war, extreme poverty and strife.


Mentaly I am drained – yes
Spiritually I am feel dead…
Physically I am giving always…
Fake smile on my face
Because my lips can’t explain…the pain in my heart
I am loser… I hate my self
Day and each day…..a
Lettle bit more…. Yes I am
So depressed so useless…… I
Just want to go to sleep…
And never wake-up…..
You can’t possibility imagine
Exactly how much pain….surrounding my heart….
I am copping with horrible things…..
I am constantly feel-like
I am at war with my self-to
Copping each day…..
Over and over you lied me-it’s
Over and over makes more pain
Over and over I cried – then
Over and over I am tired and
Over and over I hate my self
Every single second I am passing
I hate my self……… lots
When I started to crying confront of my pain….
All the day’s I am broken…
I am alive behind the masks faces…..
It’s more suffer with loneliness
I hate myself that the things
You doing to me….. With
Your inhuman…… Power
That’s your politics… I lost myself….. I tell every one…
I am fine but reality I am dying
Every things I had it’s running
Away from my head…. I lay
In the bed for hours in the dark
Thinking about my future….but
It’s shut down completely…
I am so sad….. I hate my self
Yes……yes……. yes….
I want to sleep never ever wake up anymore

More trouble with Offshore Processing Zika Virus on Nauru

day 35 protest
Protesters on Nauru

More details about conditions on Nauru: cases of the mosquito-borne Zika virus have been confirmed on Nauru by Australia’s department of immigration and border protection (in a submission to the senate). There are seven asylum seeker and refugee women on Nauru who are currently pregnant.

“Every precaution is being taken to protect transferees against contracting the virus,” the department says. “Insect repellent with higher DEET content has recently been provided to transferees inNauru and Manus for use.”

Detention centre management also undertakes vector control practices, including regular fogging operations and mosquito larvae surveying and monitoring.

Zika virus has spread rapidly, in particular across southern and central American countries, in recent months. Several governments in the Americas have advised women in affected areas not to get pregnant for two years, because of the suspected link between Zika virus and microcephaly, a serious birth defect. At least 4,000 babies have been born with microcephaly, which results in babies having much smaller-than-usual heads, in Brazil alone.

via Guardian Australia

Nauru in Meltdown – Self Immolation


A man detained by Australia on Nauru set himself on fire this morning.

He has burns to 80% of his body.

Others detained on the island nation gathered at the hospital but have since been dispersed by the police.


Refugee advocates have said he should be Medivaced to Brisbane. Hospital facilities on Nauru are limited.

The health care given to refugees in Australia’s offshore detention regime is poor and that was highlighted this week by a ABC 4 Corners program on the failings that lead to the death of Hamid Khazaei.

In other news the ramifications of yesterday’s PNG Supreme Court decision are unveiling, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is continuing to show his incompetence, attacking Labour instead of discussing solutions.

A voice from Manus 26 April 2016


A voice from Manus 26 April 2016. Please voicefrommanus.jpg
Date 26-04-2016

Offshore Processing Centre Manus Island, PNG.

I am one of the refugees who has been detained on Manus Island prison under relentless torture, humiliation and discrimination. My fellow inmates and I have managed to survive under such deliberate and inhumane cruelty inflicted by Australia.

Dear friends, although we are being damaged, we appreciate your food, clothes and shelter which are provided to us by your money through your government. However, your money has been used to destroy our lives in this prison. They have played a lot of games and put too many restrictions on our lives over the last 3 years. Now they are going to play another game with us by opening the gates of our compounds. If we go out, it is not clear if we will be allowed in again, if this is a deliberate ploy to force us out into the community and what the consequences will be if we agree to their plan and let buses take us into town. We are already broken, vulnerable and hopeless, damaged physically and mentally. They are striving to show the world that we are criminals and bad people. You may have questions in the back of your mind about how they will do this.

They have always strived to push our buttons, take every option away from us and make us believe we have nothing left to lose, but now it’s become worse. I have heard from some reliable sources that your government has paid money to the local girls to continue to engage in and seek relationships with refugees. They are trying to accuse us of rape and sexual assault, to prove to the world that we are bad people. We have had more than enough of this torture. Subsequently we are in a situation in which it is difficult to choose what to do because whatever we do, there are negative consequences. Wherever we turn, we are faced with these situations. We are not provided with clear answers, not given the right to access legal representation and at every turn, we are manipulated and fed false information, which has built more desperation, mistrust and heartache amongst us.

My dearest friends of those living in Manus Island Prison, I know that we are already dead as our blood had been sucked from our bodies by enormous pain. However, we have come so far and now we can’t give up as it’s time to take our rewards. It will only be possible if we can cross this minefield cautiously and avoid the mines hidden along the way. I know it is going to be extremely tough; nevertheless we have to persevere in our attempt to obtain this victory. We need to remember that we want long term solutions. By this I mean that if one part of our bodies is affected or injured, we want a permanent solution. We don’t want a palliative solution. We have to win this battle at any cost.

voicefrommanus2To sum up, this is a message from a place of isolation to the whole world. I am a Rohingyan boy from Myanmar(Burma). I am 22 years old now. I have been persecuted and deprived of my basic human rights since I was born right up until now. I have never known safety or peace, and I have never known citizenship or a right to call any country my own. I am writing this letter on behalf of all the asylum seekers and refugees who have been detained on Manus Island offshore processing prison.

I am hoping that every living person will take a few minutes to read this message, raise their voice to protect our lives and preserve the unity of humanity. My eyes have no more tears as they have dried out and my body doesn’t feel pain any more. It’s like a long tree that has no life in it and it gets beaten by every passing living thing, like a driftwood that gets lashed by tides. However, there are lives that you can still save from this dead sea. There is nothing left that we can use to survive.
We believe this is you, the people, who can bring change to our lives. In human history, people saved other people’s lives. This is the definition of a human being.
We are here to give you our best interest in order to create one nation in which every creation is safe, can live peacefully and is equally respected. We are here to build your country, and above all, we are here to share our love with others. We want nothing except your love and a small place to rest without having the constant fear of death.

Thank you
With kind and best regards.
Voice from Manus Prison.

Behrouz Boochani Transferred by Force

behrouz tree sit

Behrouz Boochani, the Iranian asylum seeker who staged the tree protest on Sunday in Foxtrot compound has been arrested at a meeting with Immigration and forcibly relocated to Oscar compound – a compound for those found to be refugees.

Boochani had been summoned to the meeting this morning at 9.45am, following a promise that his positive refugee case would be reviewed and then taken to Oscar.

Boochani is among a group of around 50 people who have never made an application for refuge status in PNG.

Yet, on 18 April he was handed a letter indicating that he had been found to be a refugee.

Around 45 others, who have also refused to make applications, however, were handed notices that they had been rejected.

Boochani has consistently questioned the PNG assessment process that could make such directly contradictory findings.

His tree-top protest highlighted the inconsistency, the lack of transparency, and the corruption of the determination process.

Boochani is a high profile refugee, a dissident Iranian journalist who has been adopted by the international journalist association PEN as a political prisoner detained by Australia.

Boochani’s forced transfer comes at the same time as refugees are being told that the gates of Oscar and Delta compounds will be “open” tomorrow, Wednesday, 27 April, and that people who apply, will be able to leave the detention centre by bus for the town at Lorengau between the hours of 7am and 4pm.

Detainees are very suspicious of this move as well as fearful of locals who have been antagonistic towards those held at the centre and were involved in the attack on the centre in 2014 in which Reza Berati was murdered.

The result of the PNG Supreme Court decision which found the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre illegal will change the situation.