Melbourne: Homeless Person’s Union Victoria take action against state owned empty homes

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Early this morning a coalition comprising members of the Homeless Persons Union Victoria and Melbourne’s homeless community began demonstrating at a number of empty properties on Bendigo St, Collingwood. The properties are among those that were compulsorily acquired by the former Napthine government for the now defunct East West link.

The demonstration seeks clarification on issues surrounding the ownership, management and occupancy of these empty, publicly-owned properties. The lack of transparency has led to confusion within the homeless community.

Six months ago there were media reports that 20 properties were transferred to the Collingwood Football Club’s ‘Magpie Nest’ program, a partnership with The Salvation Army, to house the homeless. A spokesman from Magpie Nest claims that all properties transferred to their management have been filled.

In light of this, the demonstrators call on those responsible to immediately provide clarification on…

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Desert Liberation Front to rally outside Olympic Dam


protest-2Anti-uranium protesters Desert Liberation Front to rally outside Olympic Dam again March 28, 2016 ANTI-URANIUM protesters who want to shut down the Olympic Dam site are planning a “party at the gates of hell”, four years after a similar event forced police to send 500-plus officers to monitor the dangerous situation.

The Desert Liberation Front has issued an open invitation to artists, musicians, activists, community groups and media wanting to attend the protest festival to be held from July 1-3.

Under the banner “The Lizard Bites Back” the group is encouraging people to learn moves to a Zombie Lizard Flash Mob dance for its “party at the gates of hell” outside the BHP Billiton site.

Hundreds of police and protesters are expected to travel to Roxby Downs for the event, four years on from similar protests which police at the time estimated had cost the state $1 million.

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Refugees Plight Compounded

[UPDATE: Men have been told they will be moved on April 6]

Men on Manus Island and refugee advocates are reporting that Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield) plan to transfer detainees between the compounds of the detention centre.

The plan is to separate those with a positive refugee status and those with a negative status.

Those with a positive status will be moved to Delta and Oscar compounds while those with a negative status will be moved to Foxtrot and Mike.

Reportedly they will be informed in the morning.

As the men in detention in Manus have been in the same place for almost 3 years their fellow detainees have become close almost like family.

The thought of being separated from those friends is causing much distress.

One refugee advocate who is in touch with many detainees reports that some are very angry while others say there is no hope and suicide is the only way out.

One man told me –

They are going to transfer me and I don’t know where, It will be very bad for me.

A trusted source has stated that extra security is coming and Papua New Guinea police will be on hand, workers have been asked to stay an extra week.

This may be because trouble is expected but also the presence of these guards/police will likely cause trouble just as much as it would prevent it.

Detainees have said that it is the PNG Mobile Squad who will be present.

They’ve also been told if they resist they will spend 2 days in ‘Chauka’ described by human rights defender, journalist and Manus detainee as a torture room.

After that they will be sent to Lorengau jail for 1 month, men taken there last year were allegedly tortured.

Motive behind the transfers

There are a few reasons why authorities have decided to move these men who are essentially prisoners in a concentration camp.

One of those is men positive refugee status have been refusing to leave the camp, because they fear life in the community in PNG.

The compounds they will be moved to Delta and Oscar are said to be infamous for their ‘cruel imprisonment’.

This could prompt these positive refugees to agree to be transferred to East Lorengau Refugee Resettlement Camp the first step towards living in the PNG community.

This process is problematic for many reasons.

Also this moving around could cause those with negative refugee outcome to decide to return to their home country. The refugee determination process is not a fair one and we know Australia has returned men to their home countries who have then been tortured or killed.








Christmas Island Boat Disaster

After almost every comment the government makes about its refugee policies they say ‘and we’ve saved lives, stopped the drownings’.

Its boat turn back policies prove without a doubt that this rhetoric is false.

Last week in the same press release Minister Dutton says Operation Sovereign Borders had  ‘no doubt saved innumerable lives’ and had turned back 25 boats carrying 698 people.

He claims these people returned safely to the country they departed from, but how do they know this? And what constitutes safety?

There was one boat recently turned back to Sri Lanka, if refugees are fleeing Sri Lanka (most likely Tamils) returning them is not safe.

The same applies to Indonesia, refugees in Indonesia are not safe, Indonesia is not a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees. Refugees there do not have an income and  are in danger from corrupt police and hostile locals (I know from first hand accounts).

The governments policy of boat turnbacks is much like its policy of on and offshore detention of refugees. To deter one group of people you have to destroy the lives of another group of people.

This is not a long term solution to the global issue of displaced people.

The total number of refugees who have arrived in Australia by boat is 61 963 (according to my dodgy maths you can check yourself Parliamentary Library Boat Arrivals Since 1976).

As of January 2015 the total number of refugees accepted as part of Australia’s immigration portfolio was 800 000 since 1945.

The overwhelming majority of boat arrivals are determined to be refugees so the department’s use of language to describe the apparent threat of refugees is hyperbole.

“Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB) had stemmed the flow of illegal boats to Australia and no doubt saved innumerable lives.”


Additionally 57 people smuggling ventures have been disrupted before departure resulting in a further 1900 people not attempting a risky voyage.

How do we really know if there numbers are accurate? We know Dutton and co can not be trusted.

“However we cannot take that success for granted, we must remain vigilant and resolute, the people smugglers will seek to take any opportunity to re-start their evil and dangerous trade.”

It is more evil and dangerous to turn back boats of vulnerable people to uncertain destinations. It is also ‘evil and dangerous’ to send people to island gulags or return them to countries where they face persecution or death.

“Our intelligence tells us there are 14,000 people positioned in Indonesia alone who are prepared to hop on boats and attempt to travel illegally to Australia.”

You mean people who need our help Mr Dutton?

Mr Dutton said the ABF and ADF have recently significantly reinforced deterrence measures with the ADF vesselOceanProtectorjoining the ABF’s OceanShieldand an increased presence of other response vessels across the approaches to Australia while aerial surveillance had also been intensified.

If measures to prevent refugees boarding boats to Australia (like accepting refugees through the UNHCR  from Indonesia so they could come by place) are not put in place then these measures could be used to save lives at at sea (which the govt care about so much)

He said the other benefit of stopping the boats was a halt to new illegal arrivals being placed in detention and a reduction in numbers of those already in detention.

New arrivals don’t have to languish in detention and those living in the community don’t have to wait so long for the determination of their case.

If Dutton and his Government really cared about people in detention why are refugees and kept in such appalling conditions in offshore detention centers?

If they really care why are refugees in offshore detention tortured?

Why are babies living in moldy tents?


Perspective on Boat Arrivals


A global perspective


Protest on Nauru 2o March

As much of the Middle East and Muslim communities celebrates New Year protest have occurred on Nauru the island nation on which Australia has been keeping refugees in appalling conditions.

The protests started 30mins after the Eid celebrations had begun in Iran.

The so called asylum seekers chanted freedom and asked the Australian people and politicians to close the offshore detention centers.

They held signs saying 995 days which is the time they have been kept on the Island in moldy tents with hostile guards and little chance of a future on the 22km square Island.

4 Babies, 45 children, 53 women and 46 men still waiting for their refugee determination joined in the protest.

According to Free the Children Nauru the other 839 refugees living in the impoverished community would have been jailed had they joined in.

According to Free the Children an hour ago Wilson Security guards and Nauru police were at the scene and may have broken up the protest.

Some Wilson guards and Nauruan police are known for their brutal treatment of detainees so we will wait for reports on what eventuates.

The protests on Nauru come as more than 50 000 people around Australia joined in Palm Sunday rallies to say welcome to refugees and demand the closure of the offshore detention centers.

Refugee advocates say attitudes among Australia’s towards refugees are changing.

The Human Rights Law Center’s Daniel Webb says the situation where Doctors at the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital in Brisbane used to discharge a baby which was in danger of being sent back to Nauru was an example of the changing attitudes.

“We’ve seen every single state premier, every single state premier, support calls for Malcolm Turnbull to show some compassion.

“And then there’s you right now, around Australia, tens of thousands of people are standing together to demand better.”

The Refugee Action Coalition’s Ian Rintoul told the Sydney rally Australians had not forgotten any man, woman or child in offshore detention.

“We will not rest until all of them are safe in Australia,”

End Offshore Detention: Save $3Billion

Data from the Parliamentary Budget Office just released shows a calculated $2.47 billion saving in the 2016-2017 budget forward estimates.

An estimated further $448n million could be saved during the same period by transferring offshore detainees to onshore detention and were processed within 30 days and released into the community.

The fact that the figures are unreliable because closure of offshore detention would increase the number of boat arrivals is being reported without any mention of strategies which could be put in place to prevent people taking the enormous risk of getting on a dodgy boat to reach Australia.

Some options for Australia to stop people from getting on boats from Indonesia are:

  • Start accepting refugees from Indonesia again
  • Contributing $1 billion to help the UNHCR speed up the process (still saving $3 billion)
  • Help make it easier to successfully apply for a Visa in refugee producing countries (rich/lucky people do get Visas to enter without claiming refugee status)
Protesters at Nauru


Wilson guards watch on


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