Terror on Nauru

These reports come from trusted sources. And have also been reported by Julian Burnside.

22 February 2016. 1.12 am. Nauru. Women’s tent.

The guards blacked out the women’s tent by cutting the power.
Then fourteen male guards and one female guard entered the tent. Women screamed in terror.

1. Two women in the single women’s tent were strip searched. They were screaming . One had a phone in her bra. A total of five people in the women’s tent had phones taken. Communications with the camp have been cut.

2. A woman has been on a hunger strike for 18 days. When she heard the piercing screams, she suffered a heart attack. With no ECG machine available, it is impossible to reliably diagnose or treat cardiac emergencies. She spent some time in IHMS and was sent back to the camp.

3. A young woman was recently arrested for taking a piece of fruit from the dining room and at the time was seen dragged by her hair and beaten by Nauruan Police, leaving visible injuries. Terrified by the 1:12 am raid, she slashed her wrists and her body. She too was treated by IHMS and sent back to camp.

Most of the women have serious histories of trauma and are suffering post traumatic stress syndrome.

This event would have been extremely triggering.

The woman who had a heart attack is severely depressed, she won’t leave her room for fear of being killed by the guards.

Her weight is dangerously low as is her blood pressure. She is reported to be barely able to lift her head off the pillow.

This further information is from Terry Russell.

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