Nauru , Human Dumping Ground for Asylum Seekers

Get Up! Perth Stands for Sanctuary

Michelle Bui (dedicated activist from RRAN) Michelle Bui (dedicated activist from RRAN)
Tonight as we gather here, 267 people battle with with fear and anxiety, unsure as to whether or not they will be whisked away in the middle of the night to be sent back to hell on Manus or Nauru. Right now, men, women and children are sleeping in mouldy tents. As we speak, the men on Manus are taking their daily cocktail of sleeping pills in an attempt to survive one more miserable night inside the camp where almost two years ago their friend Reza Barati was brutally murdered. As the darkness of the night creeps in, despair takes hold as all those behind the fences lay restless contemplating their indefinite detention and the possibility of forced deportation back to the torture and war zones that forced them to leave their families and homes.
While the detention…

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