Peter Dutton Missing as Christmas Island Chaos creates International Headlines!

The Gutter Trash


  • Christmas Island: A complete disaster zone, say witnesses
  • NZ Govt demand answers!
  • ‘It’s just a disturbance in the [border] force,’ says Peter Dutton

The Australian Federal Government’s Christmas Island detention centre is in absolute chaos today after an employee of Serco – the private company contracted by the Government to secure the facility – assaulted a detainee.   The detainee was assaulted by a guard after asking about the death of another detainee over the weekend with witnesses claiming he was “punched in the face.”

According to eye witness accounts, the centre’s canteen has been burnt down, windows smashed, and fences and walls knocked over.  Another said “everything’s on fire.”

A New Zealand detainee, Ricky Downs, told The Gutter Trash that the guards had fled the centre.

“The canteen’s been smashed to pieces, there’s no security, there’s no emergency response team, there’s no border…

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