I’ve uploaded the latest Anarchy Show to radio4all.net.

The focus of this show is motherfucking borders and some of the trouble they cause.



In Australia the political parties on both sides are obsessed with our borders and stopping many brown people from entering them.

The result of this obsession is the dismal conditions children, women and men are having to endure while there kept in Australia’s detention centers, the worst being offshore on Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) and Nauru.

Earlier in the year the Liberal National Government introduced a law which made it illegal for doctors and others working with detained refugees to speak out about conditions and incidences of concern in detention centers.

Dr Richard Kidd is co-founder of Doctors for Refugees and one of the 40 health professionals who has spoken out of defiance of the Border Force Act.

I interviewed him after he spoke at the Brisbane rally Stand Up for Refugees.

I also talk about G4S the huge multinational corporation who run some of Australia’s detention network.

Plus a debrief of the fascist activity in Australia over the weekend from Anna.

And finally The Stimulator givers us his rant about borders.


Backing music by http://unisonicascension.com/

DDM – People Never Heard info
Tu P Stem Master – Border Force Facts info
Phil Monsour – Who Killed Reza Berati info
Steve Towson – Christmas Island info
Chumbawamba – The Day the Nazi Died info
Oi Polloi                                                                                      Bash The Fash
Alerta Alerta AntiFascista – Across the Border info
stimulator – erase the borders info
The Lurkers – Mining Man info

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