Reclaim Australia

An attendee at one of the Reclaim Australia rallies held over the Easter weekend says they were shocked to find out that most of the people at the Neo-Nazi backed rally were racists.

Norm Proulx, a machinist and father of three said, “There’s a lot going on in the world that I don’t really understand because the telly and the papers and politicians don’t ever seem to explain anything. I’m struggling to pay the bills, and the mortgage, and the kids’ school [sic], and I’m worried I’m gonna get laid off. Plus there’s terrorists everywhere. So I’m usually pretty scared all the time.

“But when I heard about these rallies, and that Islam was to blame for everything, I felt really good, you know? But I never thought they’d be all racist. Especially because the organisers kept saying they weren’t racist.”

Asked about whether links to White Power groups and…

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