A friend re framed equal marriage rallies in order to coax me to attend them with him. We call them equal love rallies.

Because much like I don’t believe gay people should be in the army because I don’t believe anyone should be in the army, I’m not to keen on the institution of marriage whether or not it’s gay or straight people doing it.

As some wise person once said marriage is an institution well past its use-by date.

Is it promoting marriage or homosexuality… My thoughts as an anarchist are that it’s promoting marriage and marriage is an institution we don’t want to promote.

Same sex fucking marriage doesn’t give us equal love because it leaves a lot of people out still.

If you don’t fit within societies gender norms this historic decision, while helping a lot of people, is not going to help you.

And unfortunately it’s not going to help the broader community be more accepting of you.


One of the reasons anarchists like to critique marriage is because it’s basically the state meddling with your love life and really can things get more fucked than that.

There’s a text called Marriage Will Never Set Us Free by Organizing Upgrade they describe marriage as such –

Civil marriage is a tool of social control used by governments to regulate sexuality and family formation by establishing a favored form and rewarding it (in the U.S., for example, with over one thousand benefits). While marriage is being rewarded, other ways of organizing family, relationships and sexual behavior do not receive these benefits and are stigmatized and criminalized. In short, people are punished or rewarded based on whether or not they marry. The idea that same-sex marriage advocacy is a fight for the “freedom to marry” or “equality” is absurd since the existence of legal marriage is a form of coercive regulation in which achieving or not achieving marital status is linked to accessing vital life resources like health care and paths to legalized immigration. There is nothing freeing nor equalizing about such a system.

So if you chose to be in a non monogamous relationship are you less deserving of those rights which married people have access to?

If you were born gender diverse?

Organizing Upgrade also points out same-sex marriage advocacy has accomplished an amazing feat–it has made being anti-homophobic synonymous with being pro-marriage.

Basically taken something which used to be radical and made it liberal.

Anarchists on Gay Marriage





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