Reclaim Australia Protester Shocked By Reality

Reclaim Australia Protester Shocked By Reality

Reclaim Australia

An attendee at one of the Reclaim Australia rallies held over the Easter weekend says they were shocked to find out that most of the people at the Neo-Nazi backed rally were racists.

Norm Proulx, a machinist and father of three said, “There’s a lot going on in the world that I don’t really understand because the telly and the papers and politicians don’t ever seem to explain anything. I’m struggling to pay the bills, and the mortgage, and the kids’ school [sic], and I’m worried I’m gonna get laid off. Plus there’s terrorists everywhere. So I’m usually pretty scared all the time.

“But when I heard about these rallies, and that Islam was to blame for everything, I felt really good, you know? But I never thought they’d be all racist. Especially because the organisers kept saying they weren’t racist.”

Asked about whether links to White Power groups and…

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A friend re framed equal marriage rallies in order to coax me to attend them with him. We call them equal love rallies.

Because much like I don’t believe gay people should be in the army because I don’t believe anyone should be in the army, I’m not to keen on the institution of marriage whether or not it’s gay or straight people doing it.

As some wise person once said marriage is an institution well past its use-by date.

Is it promoting marriage or homosexuality… My thoughts as an anarchist are that it’s promoting marriage and marriage is an institution we don’t want to promote.

Same sex fucking marriage doesn’t give us equal love because it leaves a lot of people out still.

If you don’t fit within societies gender norms this historic decision, while helping a lot of people, is not going to help you.

And unfortunately it’s not going to help the broader community be more accepting of you.


One of the reasons anarchists like to critique marriage is because it’s basically the state meddling with your love life and really can things get more fucked than that.

There’s a text called Marriage Will Never Set Us Free by Organizing Upgrade they describe marriage as such –

Civil marriage is a tool of social control used by governments to regulate sexuality and family formation by establishing a favored form and rewarding it (in the U.S., for example, with over one thousand benefits). While marriage is being rewarded, other ways of organizing family, relationships and sexual behavior do not receive these benefits and are stigmatized and criminalized. In short, people are punished or rewarded based on whether or not they marry. The idea that same-sex marriage advocacy is a fight for the “freedom to marry” or “equality” is absurd since the existence of legal marriage is a form of coercive regulation in which achieving or not achieving marital status is linked to accessing vital life resources like health care and paths to legalized immigration. There is nothing freeing nor equalizing about such a system.

So if you chose to be in a non monogamous relationship are you less deserving of those rights which married people have access to?

If you were born gender diverse?

Organizing Upgrade also points out same-sex marriage advocacy has accomplished an amazing feat–it has made being anti-homophobic synonymous with being pro-marriage.

Basically taken something which used to be radical and made it liberal.

Anarchists on Gay Marriage




Nicole Hasham
Environment and immigration correspondent

253 Nauru detainees attempt self-harm, Senate hears

More asylum seekers have died on Manus Island than have been resettled, gay detainees are mistreated and refugees released from detention are not allowed to work or move freely, a human rights report says.

The gay men said they had frequent nightmares, were extremely depressed, and isolated themselves, often not leaving their rooms

It is two years since the former Labor government announced asylum seekers who arrived by boat without a visa would be denied refugee status in Australia but resettled in Papua New Guinea, via assessment at Manus Island.

Since then, not one has been resettled. This is despite Australian immigration officials confirming 129 detainees have been deemed genuine refugees.

Two asylum seekers sent to Manus have died – one killed during riots that swept through the detention centre and one from septicaemia after cutting his foot.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection on Thursday confirmed 88 men found to be refugees remain in detention on Manus.

Another 41 have been transferred to a transit centre.

However, a report released on Thursday by Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Law Centre said the men were prevented from leaving the island and denied opportunities to work and study.

Refugees are allowed to leave the transit centre, but many were not given identity documents enabling them to find work, the report said. One refugee was not allowed to travel to Port Moresby for work and others were reportedly denied volunteer opportunities.

The report found gay men were mistreated in detention by other detainees – “shunned or sexually abused or assaulted and used by the other men”.

“The gay men said they had frequent nightmares, were extremely depressed, and isolated themselves, often not leaving their rooms,” the report said.

It said the detention centre was overcrowded and detainees suffered depression and anxiety.

The groups visited the island in June and July and interviewed asylum seekers, refugees, United Nations agencies and PNG immigration officials, police, and hospital staff. They were allowed access to the transit centre but not the detention centre.

In the 2013-14 financial year the federal government spent $437.6 million to run detention facilities on Manus. There are 943 transferees on the island including the refugees.

“More asylum seekers sent to Manus have died than have been resettled,” Human Rights Law Centre director of legal advocacy Daniel Webb said.

“People found to be refugees deserve a real solution – not a transfer to a facility down the road where they remain in limbo.”

An Immigration Department spokeswoman said refugee determination, settlement and law and order issues “are matters for the PNG government”.

A PNG government spokesman said it was developing a national resettlement policy which “takes time and should not be rushed. This is in the interests of both the refugees and the communities into which they will resettle”.

Meanwhile, Shine Lawyers social justice counsel George Newhouse says the government’s controversial new border force laws would prevent detention centre staff from documenting riots such those on Manus Island last year, or from writing about their work in personal diaries.

He said doctors and nurses in state and territory hospitals who treated asylum seekers would also be covered by the secrecy provisions forced upon detention centre workers.

The Immigration Department said emergency room doctors and nurses “working in their normal roles” would not be captured by the laws. It said employees and contractors had never been allowed to “make personal records of protected or sensitive information for their own purposes”.

Innu blockade Hydro-Quebec construction in northern Quebec

Warrior Publications

Innu blockade Hydro-Quebec construction near Natashquan, July 15, 2015. Innu blockade Hydro-Quebec construction near Natashquan, July 15, 2015.

Innu protesters say Hydro-Québec is not respecting agreement it signed with the community

CBC News, July 16, 2015

Quebec’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs is urging members of Natashquan’s Innu Community to stop their blockade near the La Romaine construction site.

The group of protesters set up a barricade Thursday near Havre-Saint-Pierre in eastern Quebec, about 200 kilometres east of Sept-Îles.

It says Hydro-Québec is not respecting an agreement it signed with the community before work on the hydroelectric project began.

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