Via Free West Papua Campaign

BREAKING NEWS. We are sad to be receiving several reports that the Indonesian military, police and intelligence has once again gone on the rampage in West Papua.

It is reported that up to 13 civilians have been shot dead, including 2 school children and their mothers.


Indonesian soldiers massacre West Papuans – Between 5 and 13 West Papuans have been killed and 12-21 injured by the Indonesian military during a protest against military violence towards children

In Paniai, West Papua a group of 12 and 13 year old boys were beaten by the Indonesian military after complaining that a military truck was being driven without headlights.

The local community protested and the military opened fire open the protest, killing between 5 and 13 people (including children) and injuring at least 21.

Those known to have been killed are Habakuk Degei, Neles Gobai, Bertus Gobai, Apinus Gobai and Saday Yeimo. 22 others were injured.

We understand that this image is graphic but we show it so that the world can really see what is happening in West Papua.

The Indonesian government is trying stop news from West Papua getting to the outside world and bans foreign journalists from reporting from West Papua.

More information and many other photos can be found in the following links. Please keep the West Papuan people in your hearts in their long struggle for the restoration of their independence.

Report from the Age, in Australia.

West Papuan Warriors

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