Seminole Tribe Fights Florida Power Company to Save Panther

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Panther florida 1Indian Country Today, Nov 6, 2014

First it was oil companies eyeing fracking potential in the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and now it’s the Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), which is pondering a new power plant in prime habitat for the endangered animal.

The power company owns a total of 7,801 acres, according to The Palm Beach Post.  The Seminole tribe is in court fighting the FPL’s attempts to build a plant on this land, which is just north of the tribe’s Big Cypress Reservation. The tribe sued the FPL and Hendry County in 2011, after 3,109 acres were rezoned to allow the plant, which would be powered by natural gas, the newspaper said. The matter has been in contention ever since, part of a malpractice lawsuit against one of the state’s largest law firms related to the deal, The Palm Beach Post reported.

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