Cairns Safe from Granny with Anti G20 Stickers and Spray Chalk Offenders

The G20 Finance Ministers Meeting will be held in Cairns next weekend September 20 & 21.

At the meeting will be delegates and staff  from 24 countries and 12 international organisations.

A sixty year old grandmother has had her house raided by 4 police officers who were searching for …. stickers.

They confiscated her phone, dug through her rubbish and searched her car.

On a quest to find anti G20 stickers which read ‘G20 benefits the 1%’.

Because stickers such as these pose such a threat to the smooth running of the finance meeting photocopy shops have been advised to not print anti-G20 materials.

Office Works has reportedly complied.

Rest assured that it’s not just stickers the police are protecting Cairns from but also SPRAY CHALK.

Aleta Kathleen Tulk and co-offender Adam Mark Brooker pleaded guilty to wilful damage in the Cairns Magistrates Court after using spray chalk to write “G20 benefits the 1%” on a path at the northern end of the Esplanade on July 24.

They were given a $400 3 month good behavior bond each for the graffiti which was removed easily by community service workers.

Ms Tulk was quoted in the Cairns Post as saying

“We wanted to make a statement because, you know what, we’re fed up.

“I even tested it before on my own driveway to make sure it would wash off.”

“I’ve been told to behave for the next three months so I’ll probably keep it to a minimum, I’m not going to do anything outrageous.

“(But) ultimately in the end that’s who I am and I’ll continue to speak out about it. I just won’t do it with chalk on the pavement.”

G20 authorities claim they are taking a “business as usual” approach to the Finance Ministers’ meeting.

However 60 year old grandmother’s are waking up to their house being raided, photocopy shops are being told to censor what people can copy and  an additional 700 police are steadily arriving in Cairns over the next week.

Cairns 2014 Live Visit Do As We Say

G20 Badge

Here’s some images you can make into posters or stickers. They do not mention the G20 so you’ll have no problem distributing them. (Thanks to Emma Goldman from Sydney’s Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop)

Private PropertyHung ParliamentFree Trade vs Mutual Aid


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