Wtf? Animals Australia


Sometimes things just don’t make sense to me.

In a move that is much like the RSPCA selling pork sausages at fundraising BBQs, Animals Australia has launched a campaign to pressure (read: ask?) McDonalds into using free range eggs on its burgers.

Free range eggs on a burger with factory farmed bacon, beef and chicken.

See why it doesn’t make sense?

And that’s only the beginning.

What about all the other bad things that Maccas does? What about the cows? What about the meat chickens? What about the workers? What about the environment? And what about humans health?

McDonald’s have such a bad track record in just about everything except making money.

And one of those things is its use of advertising which targets children.

And guess who Animals Australia are targeting their campaign towards?

“McDonald’s invests big money in advertising, because they care what kids think of them.” Animals Australia.

That’s right the children. It’s great to educate kids from a young age about the horrors involved in industrial food production, but maybe at the same time we should be educating them about a healthy diet, looking after the environment and workers’ rights.

If you care about kids and animals you should stay the fuck away from McDonalds.




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