Israel’s assault on Gaza continues so far over 700 people have been killed with over 25% of those children.

Around the world  there have been many protests, Brisbane saw its largest ever rally in support of Palestine.

This program features an audio montage I made after attending the rally.



Carlo Giuliani, a 23-year-old Italian activist, poet and anarchist, was killed during the demonstrations against the Group of Eight summit that was held in Genoa from July 19 to July 21, 2001.

Also is Guy Mc Pherson’s talk about Climate Change & Human Extinction Pt 2- the intellectuals coverup.


Chumbawamba – Bella Ciao info
Rob Hustle – Call the Cops info
DAM – Who’s the Terrorist? info
Phil Monsour – Which Side are You On? (live) info
DAM – Da Dam info
Ska P – Solamente por pensar (Just Because he Thought) info
Jore – Strong Implications for The Future info
Jasiri X – #neverlovedus info


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