Israel’s assault on Gaza continues so far over 700 people have been killed with over 25% of those children.

Around the world  there have been many protests, Brisbane saw its largest ever rally in support of Palestine.

This program features an audio montage I made after attending the rally.



Carlo Giuliani, a 23-year-old Italian activist, poet and anarchist, was killed during the demonstrations against the Group of Eight summit that was held in Genoa from July 19 to July 21, 2001.

Also is Guy Mc Pherson’s talk about Climate Change & Human Extinction Pt 2- the intellectuals coverup.


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Code Rouge – Horizon #GazaUnderAttack

Walking is becoming difficult. Your legs won’t follow.

You see these frontiers, the horizon never ends.

Hypocrisy, they talk about human rights on a yacht under the midday sun.

Can the legal system be efficient, if killers are also lawyers and judges?

A continuous reprimand.

In the country you were born, living has become a terrorist act.

But you can’t help it a voice at the back of your mind tells you to resist.

The bullets can hit you.

Renouncing is such a bitter death, it’s harder to bear.

To resist is above all to exist, it’s that thirst for freedom for each exhaled sigh.

Your pride in the deepest adversity urges you to raise your head in front of your oppressors.

A struggle between equals. They have human beings and not dogs in front of them.

With fathers and mothers at the foot of a wall and children who only wish to imagine their life in the future.

They think they blow out a candle light but look in our hearts, it’s a blazing fire.

Look at how many individuals show the courage of this people that refuses to bow to the world’s third army.

I thought that cold days were behind me.

I thought that suffering was behind me. In my sky there is a world an endless world filled up with colours.

In my sky, there are dreams and all that remains are illusions. Sometimes I remain silent sometimes

I talk I tell stories, I mumble words. I thought that cold days were behind me I thought that suffering was behind me. ‘Cause over there it’s carnival everyday

Their crimes dress up as surgical strikes. Despite all of that, what an example look at their knees, they’re stiff while yours are trembling.

It’s you who are massacring at point-blank range. You who spray a whole population with white phosphorus.

You who destroy their roofs, their schools and their work. And yet, it’s you who are living in fear.

You who is living on edge, Because for each murder you’ll find someone who will hold the flag.

For each soul you take, ten of them will stand up, ten of them will fight, and ten will fall.

And for those ten who will fall, you will find a thousand who stand up, a thousand on the front line, a thousand who will fall.

In your blood-stained hands, drowned in impunity.

Until you are faced with a population of dignified and proud people. May that day be mine, may that day be yours,

Because today, we are all Palestinians.

It is available for download – http://www.reverbnation.com/coderouge


Meanwhile there are protests being held around the world against the latest escalation in the ongoing conflict.


#Rome Solidarity with Palestine in Pantheon Square.

South Africa



Wagga man’s ‘small gesture of solidarity’ with asylum seekers

How good is this?

SHIVERING in freezing conditions for five hours on Wollundry Lagoon on Saturday, Wagga man Scott Howie took a stand against perceived insensitivity over the plight of asylum seekers.

Mr Howie took to the lagoon in an inflatable dinghy, armed with not much more than a couple of sandwiches, to make a “small gesture of solidarity” with those travelling to Australia by boat in search of a new life.

“We’ve been dealing with the government’s treatment of asylum seekers for 15 years and nothing seems to change,” he said.

“The only thing I thought I could do is try and understand what it’s like and get out in the lagoon, away from all the news and reports, and just sit there in solidarity.”

Mr Howie was keen to stress he was acting independently in his protest and they held no affiliation with any political party.

His voyage around the lagoon was prompted by recent comments by Prime Minister Tony Abbott labelling the actions of asylum seekers on Christmas Island last week “moral blackmail” following reports some had attempted suicide.

“I just felt the response was completely lacking in compassion and we weren’t seeing them as people,” Mr Howie said.

Mr Howie was forced to pull the pin on his protest at about 3pm on Saturday as the cold got the better of him, but said his discomfort paled in comparison to what asylum seekers are forced to put up with.

“I was a little cold and uncomfortable for a couple of hours – I don’t think that’s anything compared to the bravery of asylum seekers and the hell our government is forcing them to endure,” he said.

Source: The Daily Advertiser – Alex McConachie

2020 Olympics should not be held in Japan


Japan-Olympics-fearWhy Japan should resign as host of 2020 Summer Olympics OpEdNews  7/15/2014
By carol wolman, MD (about the author)  In September 2013, the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) met in Buenos Aires to elect a host city for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assured the IOC that “the situation [at Fukushima Daiichi] is under control”, and convinced them to hold the Games in Tokyo.

Abe was lying. Unforunately, the site is nowhere near “under control.” Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear reactor complex damaged by the earthquake/tsunami of March 2011, continues to spew forth radioactivity today. The groundwater, which connects with the Tokyo aquifer, picks up unacceptable levels of radiation from the molten reactor cores. There are radioactive hot spots all over northern Japan, including in Tokyo. The practice field for athletes is only 20 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi. If the 2020 Olympics do take place…

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Australia May Have Transferred Tamils to Sri Lankan Navy


THERE is speculation a boatload of Tamil asylum seekers has been handed over to the Sri Lankan Navy as the federal government continues its silence over the reported interception of two vessels.

CHRISTMAS Island local councillor Gordon Thomson has called on the federal government to confirm the accuracy of reports that asylum seekers had been transferred from Australian custody.

“It’s a very, very, very disturbing story, if it’s true,” he told AAP.

“That would be a quantum leap in ruthless bastardry by any government.”

The government has repeatedly refused to confirm reports that two boats have been intercepted by Australian authorities off Christmas Island.

One of the boats is reportedly carrying 153 Tamil asylum seekers, including about 30 children – many of them sick – while the other has 50 people aboard.

Refugee advocates say they have not heard from the Tamil asylum seekers since Saturday and they believe Australia is coordinating with the Sri Lankan navy to tow them back.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to say whether the boat was being taken back to Sri Lanka.

“I’m not going to comment on the operational detail of what happens on the water,” he told ABC Radio.

Further comment has been sought from Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who refused to comment on Monday, saying that public curiosity was not the same as the public interest.

(Originally posted in the Herald Scum)

[Update 2 July 11am Sri Lankan Military Denies Boat Intercepted]

Click here for background on the Tamil Asylum Vessels Journey.

The government is trying to stay silent on the boat