To the Australian Immigration Minister

Writing letters to politicians is not something I usually put a huge emphasis on but it is one thing that can be done quickly from home without too much effort.
The content of the letter is not so important as the sheer quantity of letters received by the minister.
So here’s a quick letter I wrote….. add to it or send it as is to –
If you have sent a letter to the government re refugees/asylum seekers pls paste it into a comment below.
Mr Morrison,
I’m writing to say that I think the department’s decision to move families of asylum seekers from the Australian mainland to Christmas Island and potentially on to Nauru or Christmas Island is disgusting and morally wrong.
These families have broken no law.
They came to Australia because conditions in their home countries meant they were unable to continue to live there.
You know that visa requirements are such that some people who have a genuine fear of persecution in their home countries are unable to obtain one.
Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers of atrocious and we as a country are looked upon with disgust by the international community.
All asylum seekers should be brought to the mainland now where their safety can be guaranteed.
Processing of protection claims should be performed swiftly and fairly.
I look forward to your reply detailing what steps you are taking to improve conditions for refugees.

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