Earth Embassy in Action

freedom flotilla

The Embassy is a reclamation of the sovereign indigenous land and represents a united front of world indigenous movements against the destruction of the earth and its peoples.

10358747_10152476778864784_2547342269200016226_n “The Earth Embassy brings the reality of the environment emergency to the parliament and big business district of Melbourne through traditional, beautiful radical and necessary acts of creative resistance.”10441492_10152476778984784_4820503900196266857_n ”Earth Embassy 2014 was fantastic, amazing people, music, food, a beautiful bubble of what the future can look like” Viv FNL10441330_10152476547464784_2622301856748507534_n From toll ways to fracking, from old growth forest logging to coal mining, from dredging to drilling, the environment is under attack, and the climate is on the brink of cataclysmic change! IMG_8740 Our forces combined, our powers united. No longer will we allow our world to be destroyed in silence. IMG_8727

 Earth Embassy – Defenders of Earth Stand in Solidarity on World Environment Day


West Papuan indigenous activists construct a traditional honai (hut)…

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