Gezi Anniversary Faced With Heavy Crackdown: Police Rule in Istanbul

The Radical Democrat

On the first anniversary of Gezi Park uprising, we the people with collective consciousness have declared from days ago that we wish to commemorate victims of state violence at the ground zero, Gezi Park. There is no need to repeat that according to Turkish constitution and universal human rights, all kinds of peaceful protests can occur without asking for permission of anyone. While AKP government previously employed provocateur plainclothes policemen to make interventions seem like police is trying to suppress violent protests, this time they did not even bother to cover naked attempt at massacre.

Early morning on May 31st, Gezi Park already closed, Istanbul in lock down mode, public transport cancelled, dozens of public buses keep deploying more and more policemen to Taksim Square from airport where thousands of police officers are being brought to Istanbul from all parts of Turkey. Prime Minister Erdoğan declared before the…

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