Climate Debate: Not If but How Soon?

By Murray Carew
IS IT POSSIBLE that in our efforts to engage with climate deniers on their terms – to persuade them or at least expose their errors and lies to others – is it possible that we have not paid close enough attention to what is actually happening out there in the global climate system?
I know I haven’t, not for years.

Have we been lulled – even those of us working for change – into a sort of nervous complacency?

Has our view of reality been skewed by conservative IPCC reports, hundred-year projections of sea level rise and the relentless internal mantra of ‘stay positive’?

There *is* a scientific debate on climate change, but it’s not about whether it’s happening or what is causing it.

The new debate is about what’s happening in the Arctic right now and whether the IPCC reports are failing to keep up with a situation that may be rapidly getting beyond any meaningful human influence.

[UPDATE IPCC reports ‘diluted’ under ‘political pressure’ to protect fossil fuel interests

Increasing evidence is emerging that the policy summaries on climate impacts and mitigation by the UN Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were significantly ‘diluted’ under political pressure from some of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, including Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil and the United States.]

See for example this audio interview with Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith:



Extreme Heat, Floods Strike Eastern Europe

As Jeff Masters posted in a blog Monday the worst flooding in a century has occurred in Bosnia and Serbia this past week. At the same time, a record May heat wave has affected Estonia, Finland, Belarus, and northwestern Russia. Here are some details.


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