Guards on Manus Mislead Detainee After Throat Cut by Locals

manusislandthroat cut


From The Citizen X Disclosures Facebook page –

The Iranian ethnic Arab asylum seeker, Amin Afravi GRL076 whose throat was cut by Manus locals and survived, has been told by Wilson that he attempted suicide – and that his throat had not been cut by locals.

Wilson has told him that he had attempted suicide on 14th of February although eyewitnesses confirmed that Amin’s throat was cut by locals in front of their eyes on 16th .

On the night of 16th, while his throat was still bleeding, G4S and immigration agents came and asked him questions about his case.

Amin, who is now mentally ill, is under pressure to accept that he did that to himself.11.May.14.

About The Citizen X Disclosures

“The Citizen X Disclosures: Giving names, faces or voices to those that the government have given nothing but a number.

We have sources inside Manus Island and other Australian Immigration detention facilities, providing news, testimony, evidence and witness accounts leaked from inside Manus Island and Australian Immigration Detention. This is what the Australian Government does not want you to know. This material is often leaked or obtained at great personal risk to the source. If you disagree with current Australian Government policy and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees share this page and these posts. Let’s make sure the world knows what’s really going on.

If you have information to provide, or comments of a more sensitive nature message us through this page and we may be able to arrange an alternative mode of communication. This is not guaranteed. Sometimes details are omitted to protect people. When text is translated it is done as faithfully as possible and only changed to reflect cultural idioms and correct continuity.
Names mentioned here are done with the permission of those mentioned. We do not publish private messages from our Facebook page but we will answer your questions if you have any. ”

Citizen X Disclosures is an initiative of The Stand and New Parliament Magazine:

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