Brisbane Antifascists Shut Down Australia First Party March

“Immigrants are welcome, Nazis are not!”


antifa brisbane

The Australia First Party and Golden Dawn members in Brisbane (all 9 of them) went ahead and attempted to march to the Queensland Greek Consulate in Brisbane on Friday May 2.

They dismally failed in sending a strong message of support for the fascist criminal political party Golden Dawn in Greece.

Outnumbered by the counter protesters by 20-1, they were prevented from marching and  picketing and instead fled in a taxi.

The political purpose for the 9 fascists was to try convince people in Greece that Golden Dawn are popular in Australia.

Comrades from the anarchist community joined people in Brisbane with a Greek background, Unionists from the CFMEU and ETU, Anonymous, Marxists, Socialists and other grass roots left groups to form a strong defence and literally send the Nazis running.

The Golden Dawn supporters were protected by the Queensland police, who they had met with earlier at a meeting they said went exceptionally well.

In relation to this it is interesting to note that over 50% of police in Greece voted for the Golden Dawn party.

The Golden Dawn Party, which was founded by a Holocaust denier Nikos Michaloliakos, has been linked to dozens of violent protests in Greece.

Michaloliakos and several other Golden Dawn MPs were arrested and charged with forming a criminal organisation following the murder of an anti-fascist Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas in September last year.

[ Slack Bastard from Melbourne called the counter protest check out his blog for more commentary]

Pavlos Fyssas

antifa brisbane




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