Fearless Summer Update

Fearless Summer Australia

Fearless Summer is off to a powerful start…

In December around 60- 80 people gathered in Far East Gippsland, Victoria, for a national forest skillshare. A week of practical skills, talks, films and walks, informing and training people from around the country in preparation for grassroots forest activism.

Nippon Paper continues to exploit our native forests, chipping and shipping them offshore, while driving our endangered species to the brink of extinction. We will not be silent and allow our precious forests to be lost forever. In December a spate of Fearless Summer actions brought the forest destroying machine to a grinding halt on several occasions, as operations were stopped at logging sites across East Gippsland in Victoria and at the Eden woodchip mill in NSW.


40 conservationists held up operations at the chipmill on December 9th and then again a week latter, when two protesters climbed onto a woodchip conveyor belt and attached…

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This episode is focusing on Queensland (Australia) politics…. although the implications of the recent legislation enacted by the LNP government are national and potentially international…

In the later part of 2013 the Liberal National Party of Queensland introduced new laws to tackle the supposed problem of ‘outlaw’ bikie gangs….. although the anti association laws do not specifically mention bikies and could be used against a broad range of people.

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” Adolf Hitler

“Although free societies provide opportunities which criminals can exploit, in totalitarian states the worst criminals are commonly those in power.”




Nahko and Medicine for the People – Manifesto II (live)

Promoe – Murder Murdoch

Federal Duck/Yeroc – Lyical Skill

The Herd – 77%

Heaven 17 – Fascist Groove Thing

Sage Francis – Civil Obedience

Pete Shelley – homosapien

Busby Marou – Before You Wage a War

Nancy Vandel – The 5 Golden Rules of Space Command

Is police brutality on the rise because of the LNP’s crack down on crime


This is a report first published on a shitty commercial media site …. police brutality happens all the time especially to minorities.

This man says he has never seen police violence before so he is obviously not black, brown or an activist.

It could be that this is published because policing is now very newsworthy as the LNP government continues to introduce more draconian laws.

Publishing stories like this helps the government because it spreads the news to the community that the police are being ‘tough’.

A lot of people probably will just assume the man in the maroon suit was doing something wrong and think it’s good the police are dealing with wrongdoers.

What do you think?

A man who filmed three Queensland Police officers attacking a man outside a gay nightclub in Brisbane has said that he plans to leave the state amid a highly publicised law and order drive by the Newman government. 

At 11.24pm (AEST) last night bank employee Joe Ritson witnessed a police officer punch a man in the face in a seemingly unprovoked attack outside The Beat nightclub on Ann St in the Fortitude Valley.

The 24-year-old was looking for a taxi to return home after a dinner with friends when he saw the three uniformed officers speaking to a small man in a maroon suit.

“I had a feeling something was going to happen so I started filming it and like three seconds later one of the cops punched him in the face and I was like ‘holy crap that is full on’,” Mr Ritson told ninemsn.

His footage shows one of the officers unleash an unexpected blow at the suited man’s head, who stumbles backwards as the officers close in on him and allegedly continue the beating.

“They punched him, pushed him up against the wall and then started kicking him,” Mr Ritson said.

“The ute (in the video) kind of obscures it but you can see one of the them kneed him in the back.”

Mr Ritson said before the man was bundled into a police van and taken away he told him that he had filmed his scuffle with the officers.

“One of the cops yelled ‘f— off or I will arrest you too,'” the 24-year-old said.

The bank employee did not know what led up to the officers confronting the man but said the seemingly heavy-handed reaction did not come as a surprise.

“I’ve experienced police being aggressive for no reason but I have not seen cops beat anyone up before. I know it happens but I had never seen it happen myself,” he said.

“I was shocked but I wasn’t surprised I kind of expected them to do something like that with all the stuff going on with the war (bikie war).”

“This morning they were bragging on Facebook about how many people they arrested last night as part of a crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence but when three cops are beating up a small guy I question who is really being violent.”

The 24-year-old said he plans to leave the state amid the Newman government-led crackdown on law and order.

“I don’t want to live here. I’ve enrolled to start university in Melbourne next year,” he said.

Queensland Police are aware of the incident but have yet to release a statement.

Source: Joe Ritson

Author: Martin Zavan, Approving editor: Nick Pearson