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The first thing we talk about is the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua. with an update from Wave about the epic journey they are making from Lake Eyre in South Australia to West Papua.

On Monday they had just left Thursday Island but now they are nearing the Australia/Indonesia sea border listen to the latest audio update –

Pogcast 9/11: Densus 88, Sunsets & the War on Terror

Linda also speaks about the Vote 4 Boats action which many people took part in on Saturday September 7 at Australian election polling booths.

It’s a big and long story some of it may never be told and many different versions may prevail in what is really just one small part of a puzzle that made history.
It started millions of years ago when a rain fell on a mountain in a place now known as Papua. That water sunk into the earth and like this story it passed through many layers and travelled many miles through rock sand and soil. After millions of years it surfaced in the desert in a place very sacred to the people of that land. It is from that land that this story begins. We have come along way and it is important that the water and the ashes that have accompanied us on this journey come full circle and make its the people of west Papua .. I think we are going to make it… Izzy Brown

Vote 4 Boats

News (thanks to Democracy Now)

Human rights activists at the G-20 in St. Petersburg have been staging protests to call attention to Russia’s crackdown on LGBT rights, including a recent ban on voicing support for LGBT relationships around minors. On Thursday, a member of President Vladimir Putin’s ruling party put forth a new measure that would allow the state to take children away from parents who are gay.

A U.S. drone strike early this morning killed at least seven people in the Pakistani area of North Waziristan. The strike was reportedly directed at a home. The identities of the dead are not known. Pakistani officials say there were militants.

California prisoners have ended a historic hunger strike after two months. The prisoners said in a statement Thursday they had decided to “suspend” the strike, adding that their resistance will continue against what they termed “decades of systemic state-sanctioned torture via the system’s solitary confinement units.” While many prisoner demands remain unmet, two Democratic state lawmakers have vowed to hold public hearings on California’s use of solitary confinement. At its height, the prison hunger strike included 30,000 people and was hailed as the largest in California’s history. Last month a federal judge authorized force-feeding of the prisoners.

A U.S. Navy student who says she was sexually assaulted by three fellow midshipmen at an off-campus party last year has asked the superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy to drop his authority over the case, saying he is biased. The victim’s lawyer says Vice Admiral Michael Miller failed to protect the student from harassment or to punish the accused men — who are all former Navy football players — after they bragged about their alleged sexual encounters with her on social media. The complaint also cites the “repetitive and grueling cross-examination” endured by the victim, who was forced to testify for more than 25 hours at a preliminary hearing that ended Tuesday. At the hearing, defense lawyers questioned the victim on topics that included whether she wore a bra and underwear to the party, how she performs oral sex, and whether she “felt like a ho” the morning after the alleged assault.

‘7/Sept/2013 Black Bloc, Brazil

Protests in over 170 cities. #BlackBloc protesters are being arrested because of a new law against wearing masks in protests.


Playlist on 4ZZZ website

Bedding/backing music –

11th, 1973 – CIA-backed, SOA-trained fascists within the Chilean military overthrow democratically-elected socialist President Salvador Allende. General Augusto Pinochet and his cronies bomb the presidential palace, La Moneda, with fighter jets and initiate a decades-long brutal dictatorship. “Santiago” is about that.

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