Refugee Boat Arrivals

Due to the Abbott government’s decision to call for a media blackout on reporting the arrival of boats carrying refugees it is important that we report the arrival of refugee boats any way.

Through out the election campaign I was disgusted by the fact that the arrival of a relatively small number of refugees arriving on Australian shores was made out once again to be such a big issue.

Even more disgusting is the Labour government’s plan to not settle any refugees who arrive by boat in Australia (this is continuing about the Coalition).

Because I don’t want to encourage people to look at website owned by the mainstream media I am going to republish the articles on this site. Maybe with slight editing to remove mainstream media bias and add my own.


Protesters stormed the Darwin offices of the Department Immigration and Citizenship after the shock deportation of six West Papuan refugees to Port Moresby.

The small group held placards and chanted “stop the deportations” before they entered the Cavanagh St office at lunch time today.

The group of Papuans including a woman and a 10-year-old child fled in a tinnie to Boigu Island in the Torres Strait on Tuesday.

The Department of Immigration has refused to answer any questions about them and has deported them to the Papua New Guinean capital within 48 hours.

They landed in the Papua New Guinean capital this morning.

Asylum seeker advocates fear they may be deported straight back to Indonesia as Papua New Guinea signed an extradition treaty with Indonesia in June, a month before Kevin Rudd announced Australia would process and resettle asylum seekers in the Pacific nation. ]

This one comes from a Murdoch publication published on September 25 2013.

SIX asylum seekers have cruised across the Torres Strait in a basic craft and another 19 intercepted off Darwin.

More than 500 people have arrived on 10 boats since the Coalition won the election with the latest arrivals kept quiet under a media blackout imposed by immigration minister Scott Morrison.

The six, believed to be a West Papuan family, were found on remote Boigu Island in Far North Queensland on Tuesday.

They were being taken by Customs officers to immigration detention and are expected to be sent to Manus Island or Nauru.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman warned the PNG Solution, struck by Kevin Rudd and adopted by Mr Morrison, would open a new asylum route in Australia’s north.

Just 4km separates southern PNG and the northern most Australian island in the Torres Strait.

Another vessel was intercepted off Darwin this week.

The 19 asylum seekers on board were taken to Darwin to be detained.

Both arrivals have come just a week after Mr Morrison imposed a blackout on the release of information about boat arrivals as part of the new government’s operation sovereign borders.

Mr Morrison said: “The Government provides details of SIEV arrivals as part of the OSB weekly briefing programme. The next briefing will be held early next week.”

Regular releases of boat arrivals under Labor have been replaced by a weekly briefing because Mr Morrison said it was crucial to the Coalition policies to stem boat arrivals.

Head of the operation Lieutenant General Angus Campbell said last week people smugglers had previously lied, saying their boats had reached Australia to attract future customers.

The Crisis at Fukushima’s Unit 4 Demands a Global Take-Over

We are now within two months of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

There is no excuse for not acting. All the resources our species can muster must be focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4.

Fukushima’s owner, Tokyo Electric (Tepco), says that within as few as 60 days it may begin trying to remove more than 1300 spent fuel rods from a badly damaged pool perched 100 feet in the air. The pool rests on a badly damaged building that is tilting, sinking and could easily come down in the next earthquake, if not on its own.

Some 400 tons of fuel in that pool could spew out more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released at Hiroshima.

The one thing certain about this crisis is that Tepco does not have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle it. Nor does the Japanese government. The situation demands a coordinated worldwide effort of the best scientists and engineers our species can muster.

Why is this so serious?

We already know that thousands of tons of heavily contaminated water are pouring through the Fukushima site, carrying a devil’s brew of long-lived poisonous isotopes into the Pacific. Tuna irradiated with fallout traceable to Fukushima have already been caught off the coast of California. We can expect far worse.

Tepco continues to pour more water onto the proximate site of three melted reactor cores it must somehow keep cool. Steam plumes indicate fission may still be going on somewhere underground. But nobody knows exactly where those cores actually are.

Much of that irradiated water now sits in roughly a thousand huge but fragile tanks that have been quickly assembled and strewn around the site. Many are already leaking. All could shatter in the next earthquake, releasing thousands of tons of permanent poisons into the Pacific. (Note: A relatively small earthquake struck Fukushima prefecture on Thursday, an indication of the inevitable occurrence of larger future ones in the area.)

The water flowing through the site is also undermining the remnant structures at Fukushima, including the one supporting the fuel pool at Unit Four.

More than 6,000 fuel assemblies now sit in a common pool just 50 meters from Unit Four. Some contain plutonium. The pool has no containment over it. It’s vulnerable to loss of coolant, the collapse of a nearby building, another earthquake, another tsunami and more.

Overall, more than 11,000 fuel assemblies are scattered around the Fukushima site. According to long-time expert and former Department of Energy official Robert Alvarez, there is more than 85 times as much lethal cesium on site as was released at Chernobyl.

Radioactive hot spots continue to be found around Japan. There are indications of heightened rates of thyroid damage among local children.

The immediate bottom line is that those fuel rods must somehow come safely out of the Unit Four fuel pool as soon as possible.

Just prior to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that shattered the Fukushima site, the core of Unit Four was removed for routine maintenance and refueling. Like some two dozen reactors in the US and too many more around the world, the General Electric-designed pool into which that core now sits is 100 feet in the air.

Spent fuel must somehow be kept under water. It’s clad in zirconium alloy which will spontaneously ignite when exposed to air. Long used in flash bulbs for cameras, zirconium burns with an extremely bright hot flame.

Each uncovered rod emits enough radiation to kill someone standing nearby in a matter of minutes. A conflagration could force all personnel to flee the site and render electronic machinery unworkable.

According to Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear engineer with forty years in an industry for which he once manufactured fuel rods, the ones in the Unit 4 core are bent, damaged and embrittled to the point of crumbling. Cameras have shown troubling quantities of debris in the fuel pool, which itself is damaged.

The engineering and scientific barriers to emptying the Unit Four fuel pool are unique and daunting, says Gundersen. But it must be done to 100% perfection.

Should the attempt fail, the rods could be exposed to air and catch fire, releasing horrific quantities of radiation into the atmosphere. The pool could come crashing to the ground, dumping the rods together into a pile that could fission and possibly explode. The resulting radioactive cloud would threaten the health and safety of all us.

Chernobyl’s first 1986 fallout reached California within ten days. Fukushima’s in 2011 arrived in less than a week. A new fuel fire at Unit 4 would pour out a continuous stream of lethal radioactive poisons for centuries.

Former Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata says full-scale releases from Fukushima “would destroy the world environment and our civilization. This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the pugilistic debate over nuclear power plants. This is an issue of human survival.”

Neither Tokyo Electric nor the government of Japan can go this alone. There is no excuse for deploying anything less than a coordinated team of the planet’s best scientists and engineers.

We have two months or less to act.

For now, we are petitioning the United Nations and President Obama to mobilize the global scientific and engineering community to take charge at Fukushima and the job of moving these fuel rods to safety.

If you have a better idea, please follow it. But do something and do it now.

The clock is ticking. The hand of global nuclear disaster is painfully close to midnight.

Harvey Wasserman

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I put together a show of just music and my friend helped me to burn it onto cds to give out to people.

The music is independent, politically hard hitting  and from all over the world so I’ve uploaded it as a show to Radio4all.



1.  Catch 22  –   Robbie Gore  – Townsville

2.  Ride the Fence  –  The Coup  – Oakland/California

3.  5 million ways to kill a CEO –  The Coup  – Oakland

4.  CIA Hypo-Programmed Robot Assassin  –  ELF  –  Canberra

5.  Bruno Wilson – Intervention InvasionRed Sand Culture (Volume 1) NT

6.  Boys from the Bush  – Joseph Shannon & Messiah Long – Boys from tha Bush – Red Sand Culture (Vol 1) NT

7.  Wiya Angela PamelaSuper Raelene Bros – Alice Springs

8.  The Block  –  Jesse and the Clevo Street Boys – Redfern/Sydney

9.  United We Struggle  –  United Struggle Project  –  Kenya  

10.  Life is a War  –  United Struggle Project  –  Kenya

11.  Quest  –  Combat Wombat  –  Melbourne

12.  Come Rescue Me  –  Resident Anti-Hero  –     Portland/Oregon

13.  People Never Heard  –  Drowning Dog and Malatesta  –    Milano/Italy

14.  Asylum is a Crime  –  Pataphysics  – Melbourne

15.  Plan It  –  Non-Bossy-Posse  –  Sydney

16.  Anti-Capitalist Anthem  –  Sole  –  Portland, Maine

17.  Thief  –  Looptroop  –   Sweden


Another episode of Autonomous Action Radio is completed and ready for you to listen to.



The first thing we talk about is the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua. with an update from Wave about the epic journey they are making from Lake Eyre in South Australia to West Papua.

On Monday they had just left Thursday Island but now they are nearing the Australia/Indonesia sea border listen to the latest audio update –

Pogcast 9/11: Densus 88, Sunsets & the War on Terror

Linda also speaks about the Vote 4 Boats action which many people took part in on Saturday September 7 at Australian election polling booths.

It’s a big and long story some of it may never be told and many different versions may prevail in what is really just one small part of a puzzle that made history.
It started millions of years ago when a rain fell on a mountain in a place now known as Papua. That water sunk into the earth and like this story it passed through many layers and travelled many miles through rock sand and soil. After millions of years it surfaced in the desert in a place very sacred to the people of that land. It is from that land that this story begins. We have come along way and it is important that the water and the ashes that have accompanied us on this journey come full circle and make its the people of west Papua .. I think we are going to make it… Izzy Brown

Vote 4 Boats

News (thanks to Democracy Now)

Human rights activists at the G-20 in St. Petersburg have been staging protests to call attention to Russia’s crackdown on LGBT rights, including a recent ban on voicing support for LGBT relationships around minors. On Thursday, a member of President Vladimir Putin’s ruling party put forth a new measure that would allow the state to take children away from parents who are gay.

A U.S. drone strike early this morning killed at least seven people in the Pakistani area of North Waziristan. The strike was reportedly directed at a home. The identities of the dead are not known. Pakistani officials say there were militants.

California prisoners have ended a historic hunger strike after two months. The prisoners said in a statement Thursday they had decided to “suspend” the strike, adding that their resistance will continue against what they termed “decades of systemic state-sanctioned torture via the system’s solitary confinement units.” While many prisoner demands remain unmet, two Democratic state lawmakers have vowed to hold public hearings on California’s use of solitary confinement. At its height, the prison hunger strike included 30,000 people and was hailed as the largest in California’s history. Last month a federal judge authorized force-feeding of the prisoners.

A U.S. Navy student who says she was sexually assaulted by three fellow midshipmen at an off-campus party last year has asked the superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy to drop his authority over the case, saying he is biased. The victim’s lawyer says Vice Admiral Michael Miller failed to protect the student from harassment or to punish the accused men — who are all former Navy football players — after they bragged about their alleged sexual encounters with her on social media. The complaint also cites the “repetitive and grueling cross-examination” endured by the victim, who was forced to testify for more than 25 hours at a preliminary hearing that ended Tuesday. At the hearing, defense lawyers questioned the victim on topics that included whether she wore a bra and underwear to the party, how she performs oral sex, and whether she “felt like a ho” the morning after the alleged assault.

‘7/Sept/2013 Black Bloc, Brazil

Protests in over 170 cities. #BlackBloc protesters are being arrested because of a new law against wearing masks in protests.


Playlist on 4ZZZ website

Bedding/backing music –

11th, 1973 – CIA-backed, SOA-trained fascists within the Chilean military overthrow democratically-elected socialist President Salvador Allende. General Augusto Pinochet and his cronies bomb the presidential palace, La Moneda, with fighter jets and initiate a decades-long brutal dictatorship. “Santiago” is about that.

Melbourne: Felicity Ann Ryder Cell (FAI / IRF) – Response To The Agents Of ‘Doubt’ (Australia)


‘Anarchists claim responsibility for fire at luxury West Melbourne car dealership, but police have doubts’ the headline of the Herald-Sun screams the day after our little visit to Gran Turismo Autos.

Apparently ‘investigators’ do not believe that a ‘mysterious anarchist group’ were responsible for the fire & the Herald-Scum, which is the de-facto mouthpiece of the Victorian Police force in Melbourne, chose not to name the website where we initially posted our claim of responsibility – they also chose to only include a partial sentence from our communique.

Well we have some doubts of our own.

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IBT: Freedom Flotilla Proceeds to West Papua as Indonesian Security Forces Get Ready for Showdown

freedom flotilla

The Freedom Flotilla’s flagship yacht, “The Pog” with six protestors, has left Thursday Island towards West Papua. Meanwhile, reports say the Indonesia security forces are preparing themselves for a possible showdown with demonstrators. Reports say, around 2500 security personnel have arrived at the Flotilla’s destination port of Merauke, anticipating trouble.

Around 2500 security personnel have arrived at the Flotilla’s destination port of Merauke, anticipating trouble.

“One small yacht, the Pog, has set sail west from Thursday Island towards West Papua. Her crew, a dedicated group of six from Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and West Papua are determined to complete their mission to build global solidarity and highlight the abuses of human rights and land rights carried out under the Indonesian occupation of West Papua,” a media release by the Freedom Flotilla organisers said.

Read the full story from the International Business Times

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