Game of Survival

After a bit of a break there’s a band new episode of Autonomous Action Radio.



And it’s a special one because this week it is 4ZZZ Radiothon 2013 – Survival of the Zed.

The station replies on listener support: we are crowd funded. Head to to find out what great incentives we have for people who subscribe.

An international or pet subscription is only $15AU if you’re low on cash but want to help… or just make a donation.

And please nominate The Anarchy Show/Autonomous Action Radio as your favorite show!

In tune with the theme of Radiothon Peter and I talk a bit about possible scenarios for the apocalypse.

Starting off the show is a clip of Bill Hicks ‘It’s just a Ride’ where he reveals the meaning of like… it’s good to remember these days as we all struggle to survive that it’s just a ride!

As well we play the brand new episode of The Rap News Game of Polls  from The Juice Media crew straight out of Melbourne.

Peter tells us about some rallies he went to on the weekend, one for refugees and one for saving the Great Barrier Reef.

And we play the latest sedition of It’s the End of the World as we know it and I feel Fine!

Music –

Insurge – Money Suck

The Juice Media

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