San Francisco Activists Liberate Park in Solidarity with Turkish Resistance

Earth First! Newswire

liberatethelandby Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire

On June 1st, in solidarity with themassive resistance in Turkeywhich began six days ago, Liberate the Land activists in San Francisco marched to a park space known as “Hayes Valley Farm” and began an occupation. The piece of land is scheduled to be turned into condominiums, a development project which the protestors plan to stop. Not only are they physically holding the space with their bodies and multiple treesits, the group is also planting a “Free Farm” for the community, sharing regular meals, and holding community-building and permaculture workshops.

Participants have renamed the space “Gezi Gardens” in solidarity with the current rebellion in Turkey, which began with the occupation of Gezi park in Istanbul. Protesters in Istanbul began occupying Gezi park when developers started ripping up the trees to make way for a shopping mall. The insane police response sparked an uprising…

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