This episode features updates from Turkey and Brazil then a documentary produced by Miranda Gibson called Until All Are Free.

Towards the end a discussion Wave and I had on The Anarchy Show about censorship.



Taksim Square June 14

Protests against the government are continuing in Istanbul where the uprising began and also in Ankara the capital while marches have been held in over ten other locations called for by the Taksim Solidairty Platform.

Media has been also targeted by police and not been allowed to record… while public transportation has been halted to prevent ppl from travelling to Taksim Square.

As well as harming people protesting the tear gas has killed animals in Taksim Square reports are 1028 pigeons, 63 cats, 8 dogs…. probably more by now.

There is a growing number of political prisoners in Turkey and reports are that their families do not know where they have been taken.

The police operation in Ankara started to become a manhunt. Police have conducted raids to houses and started to arrests. The number of people under arrest is currently unknown.

[News from 18.6.2013 (Istanbul Time)

08.34: [Ankara] The police operation in Ankara started to become a manhunt. Police have conducted raids to houses and started to arrests. The number of people under arrest is currently unknown. up-to-date news here
While the uprising and protest against the government is not entirely anarchist in nature there are anarchists involved and they have released this message.



There is also an uprising in Brazil right now against public transport fare rising, corruption and poverty.

Up to a 100,000 people have been on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and also Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and other cities.

Meanwhile, protesters in the capital, Brasilia are still on the roof and at the door of the national assembly!

protesters on national assembly roof

A youtube clip explaining the situation has been made and Brazilians are keen for everyone to listen to their story.


Bessing music -

This song is for all the political prisoners, both
Here and around the world, for the people
Incarcerated for fraud, stealing, and larceny, and
All other crimes involving property, for it’s
Nothing but the state protecting the rich from the
Poor, ever since we lost our common ground, that’s
What the law’s been for..i see no criminals, i see
Before me political prisoners. this song is for
All my friends, for all those inside for drug
Offences, does the state really care aboutyour own
Misguided will? – no. they’re protecting the
Profits of the pharmaceutical and tobacco
Corporations. and you must suffer, for the
Oligopoly of the few…this song is for all the
Political prisoners, for anyone who wants to live,
Live like they know they should, the indigenous,
Minorities, the mentally ill,the passionate few,
As we’re fighting for justice, they may take away
Our freedom to walk, but they can’t take away our
Freedom to dream.

You know what gang violence is, mostly?
[And the people dont want you to hear this]
If somebody shoots your family member
Of course you retaliate, You know what I mean?
Same thing the U.S does except nobody even shot their family members
They see that, somebody bomb a school
And all these people get killed
So the united states feel like ooh thats messed up
We gotta go show em who tha real killers
This country was built on gangs, you know
I think this country still is run on gangs
Republicans, Democrats, The Police Department, The FBI
The CIA, those are gangs, you know what I mean
The correctional officers
I had a correctional officer tell me straight
“We the biggest gang in New York state
Straight up.”

[Verse 1: 2Pac]

Suppress the revolution of premeditated scheme
Introduce a drug called crack, to us ghetto teens
Got a law for raw niggas, now playa what it be like?
When will niggas see they got us bleeding with three strikes
Can’t seem to focus hopeless, with violent thoughts I wrote this
Got these Devils petrified, hiding from my hocus-pocus
And so I learned to earn my currency in over time
Affiliated, clearly click a military mind
May God forgive us though we dwell inside a paradox
Thugged out and drug dealin, from the womb to the block
My live mind got me survivin five rounds
My forty-five got my fortified with live rounds
When shit’s thick we plot hits, when our Glock spits
All hail, Out on Bail, Wrath of the 2Pacalypse
Forever ghetto necessary picture food stamps
Outlaw Thug Niggas never left the boot camp

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]

We got the real live shit from front to back
To my niggas in the world, 2Pac is back
Where my soldiers is at? (2X)
Where the fuck my soldiers at?
Where my soldiers is at?

[Verse 2: 2Pac]

Now I was born as a rebel, making trouble for the devil
Take this gang bang shit, to a whole (a)nother level
Can you feel me now?
Armies in every city
Definition of power
Players are you with me?
See the war is the prophecy
Survival is the strategy
Rest in peace to my comrades that deceased

[Busta Rhymes: yells “Notorious B.I.G!”]

[Verse 2 Cont’d: 2Pac]

Walking down the streets of time
Youll have these devils petrified of a nigga in his right mind
They tell us that we hopeless and hell bound
This fo the brothers in penetentiaries jailed down
I got you in my heart till tha day I die
Think of tha damage we can do, if we wasn’t high
Can you picture me loc? Its a thugs wrath
Political contracts and blood baths
For Matulu Shakur up in the Rikers
Though they got you, I never let them stop me
The struggle continues

[Skit: 2Pac Speaking Again]
Now if we do want to live a thug life and a gangsta life and all of that
Ok, so stop being cowards and lets have a revolution
But we dont wanna do that, dudes just wanna live of character
They wanna be cartoons, but if they really wanted to do something
If they was that tough, alright, lets start our own country
Lets start a revolution, lets get out of here, lets do something

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]

We got the real live shit from front to back
To my niggas in the world, 2Pac is back
Where my soldiers is at? (2X)
Where my soldiers at?
Where my soldiers is at?

Now I wouldn’t want to advocate
Violence or bloodshed against the state
But if some fiendish criminal mind
Were to contemplate action of a similar kind

It’s a justified homicide
Your exploding brain’d make a beautiful sound
Justified homicide
Your shredded limbs should decorate the ground

Company man, you got nothing to give
You’ve been selling out since you were a kid
You got your nose caught in the trough
Excuse me if I cut it off

String ’em up for treason
String ’em up for good
String ’em up for treason
String ’em up for good

George Bush, George Bush Jr.
Rupert Murdoch, Janet Reno
John Howard, Queen Elisabeth II



First up on this show is a mention of the uprising in Turkey but the rest of the show is dedicated to the Freedom Flotilla which is traveling from Lake Eyre in the center of Australia North East to West Papua.

The journey is aiming to draw attention to the continued oppression of the West Papuan people by Indonesia and to reconnect the ancient cultures of the indigenous people of the two countries.

We speak with amazing activist and musician Izzy Brown (Combat Wombat) who this year also completed the United Struggle Project and you can hear some of those songs during the show.

Nikky Stott host of Earth Matters on 3CR Melbourne and Brisbane activist and musician Andy Paine are also in the studio.


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San Francisco Activists Liberate Park in Solidarity with Turkish Resistance

Earth First! Newswire

liberatethelandby Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire

On June 1st, in solidarity with themassive resistance in Turkeywhich began six days ago, Liberate the Land activists in San Francisco marched to a park space known as “Hayes Valley Farm” and began an occupation. The piece of land is scheduled to be turned into condominiums, a development project which the protestors plan to stop. Not only are they physically holding the space with their bodies and multiple treesits, the group is also planting a “Free Farm” for the community, sharing regular meals, and holding community-building and permaculture workshops.

Participants have renamed the space “Gezi Gardens” in solidarity with the current rebellion in Turkey, which began with the occupation of Gezi park in Istanbul. Protesters in Istanbul began occupying Gezi park when developers started ripping up the trees to make way for a shopping mall. The insane police response sparked an uprising…

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